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10 Amazing SEO Tools for Auditing and Monitoring Your Website in 2021

by Naveen Agarwal
10 Amazing SEO Tools for Auditing and Monitoring Your Website in 2021

Does it irk you to get a sudden Google algorithm update? We feel you, mate. Every time Google unleashes a new update it feels like they were waiting for us to get all comfy with the previous version and then boom, new update. Every new update leaves us in quandary and concern. And each new update makes all our previous efforts obsolete, effective immediately.   

Well, yeah Google is pretty transparent with the fact that it’s every update is for everyone’s good – each algorithm update brings our website one step closer to get more reach and search results. However, there is still no complete transparency about how Google evaluates a website and determine which website to show for which query.

 So, our digital marketing assignment help experts bring to you several tools – both free and paid – to help you have a look at your website the same way Google does. These tools are important for your organics search strategy as they help you in focusing on the elements that Google deems vital for your website. In this post, we will talk about 10 such SEO tools that help you audit and monitor your website. Let us begin.

HubSpot’s Website Grader

Cost: Free

Purpose: SEO audit and website performance  

HubSpot released a tool named Website Grader back in 2007. This tool helps businesses to get search engine optimisation chances. As everything is moving and changing at a fast pace, HubSpot built a brand new and improved version of Website Grader in 2021. 

This is a free tool that creates personalised reports on your key metrics:

  • Performance: The tool will analyse the size, requests, speed, and SEO metrics of your website.
  • Mobile readiness: The tool will analyse if your website is fit to serve mobile users and give them the best experience of your website.
  • SEO: The tool will check if your website is easy to find with both via human search and search engines. It determines the factors such as meta description, content plugins, page index, and descriptive link text. 
  • Security: The tool checks if the website is secured for your users. 

Google’s Webmaster Tool

Cost: Free

Purpose: Website analysis  

Perhaps, the best to understand how Google optimises and determines your website is to ask it from Google itself. The tool explains the fundamentals of Google search and is a novice-friendly resource. It has many great features such as Fetch as Google, PageSpeed Insights. 

Google’s Fetch as Google tool allows you to see a specific URL as Google does. This is critical when troubleshooting is for poor SEO performance.  

PageSpeed Insights checks your website’s speed both on desktop and mobile.


Cost: $99/mo; Lite Plan

Purpose: Keyword research and website auditing

Ahrefs is an advanced SEO tool that audits your website property and generates keywords, ranking profiles, and links to help you to make wise decisions about your content. Four of its key features are:

  • Site Explorer
  • Content Explorer
  • Keyword Explorer
  • Site Audit


Cost: Free 5 days trial, then $29/mo

Purpose: SEO Rank Tracker, Keyword Research, Competitive Analysis

This SEO tool is a Chrome extension that helps you to perform keyword research, SEO tracking, and competitive analysis. Below mentioned are the key features of GrowthBar:

  • Top Keyword and Backlinks
  • Keyword Difficulty Score
  • Word Count
  • Facebook Ads
  • Keyword Suggestions


Cost: Free 14 days, then $49/mo for a Pro plan and $149/mo for a Premium Plan

Purpose: Website Audit

It is an in-depth website analyser and is helps digital marketers to reveal chances for improvement and optimisation. This analysis tool examines the performance of existing SEO initiatives, usability, social media, and more.

Each report is divided into 8 parts:

  • Mobility
  • Social
  • Usability
  • SEO
  • Marketing Checklist
  • Visitors
  • Social
  • Technologies
  • Local

Check My Links

Cost: Free

Purpose: Link optimisation

If you desire to ensure that your external and internal links on a webpage are working, use Check My Links. This makes it easy for the editor or the publisher to make the corrections before the page goes live. 


Cost: Free 14 days trial, $24/mo

Purpose: Link Building

It is one of the most affordable ways to manage your reach to the people who can provide inbound links to your site.

Although the website’s backlinks are vital for ranking well on Google. However, the reach you get while link building is more like a cold calling. But BuzzStream makes it easy to research the apt audience, come up with some impressive emails, and track who has accepted the link request.

Moz’s Pro Tools

Cost: Free 30 trial days, then $99.mo paid plans

Purpose: Website Analysis

The Moz Pro subscription gives an all-in-one tool for increasing the reach. The collection of research of Moz provides its subscribers with the resources they require to identify SEO opportunities, build reports, track growth, and optimise their overall efforts. This tool is super helpful if you are seeking “crawl ability” factors like the duplicate content and redirects that might influence your SEO reach. 


Cost: $15/mo

Purpose: Backlink Tracking

Did you know that the best way to comprehend the reach and performance of your off-page SEO is by having an overview of your backlinks? Linkody allows to track, discover, disavow, and analyse backlinks only with an easy-to-use interface.

Another use of Linkody is to spy on your peers’ backlinks. You only have to enter the URL of your peer and the tool pulls all the links and metrics.

UpCity’s SEO Report Card

Cost: Free

Purpose: Share of Voice

SEO Report Card tool by UpCity lets you examine your website to check how it stacks up against your peers in the market. SEO Report Card will serve you the following reports:

  • Rank Analysis
  • Website Accessibility
  • Current Indexing
  • Link Building
  • Trust Metrics
  • On-Site Analysis

So, now you can look past the Google veil and make your website better. In case you need the assistance of our assignment help professional, do not hesitate to contact the experts.

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