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10 Benefits of Working With a Dedicated Development Team (DDT)

by Robert Jackson
10 Benefits of Working With a Dedicated Development Team (DDT)

Technological advancements play a vital role in bringing digitization and automation in complex business processes. Companies tend to integrate these advancements into their systems either through outsourcing IT projects or developing technology solutions by themselves. Here we will discuss outsourcing your software project to a Dedicated Development Team (DDT), and see the key reasons why you should hire a dedicated development team.  

Before moving to the benefits of working with the dedicated development team, let us understand its meaning. 

Introduction of Dedicated Development Team

Companies can hire a dedicated development team through a long-term agreement with the service providers. For example, if you want to hire dedicated Android app developers, you need to make an agreement with a reputed mobile app development company. Once hired, these teams act as self-managed, dedicated, and cross-functionally to obtain a common outcome, i.e. client’s project. The team consists of experienced software development professionals. 

When you work with DDT, it turns into a cooperation model that is committed to building an app or website of the client. This model works best if the requirements are not much clear and fluctuating in nature. Also, if there are possibilities of frequent changes in the scope, you should hire a dedicated development team. It easily addresses the gap that occurs because of the unavailability of the skilled resources in the client’s team. 

Let’s go through the top ten benefits of working with the DDT-

1. Focused and Result-Oriented

As the name suggests, the dedicated team of developers works exclusively on the client’s project. Dedicated teams are meant for focussing on their projects on a continuous basis. They also strive for bringing innovative solutions to simplify the complexities. Simply put, the dedicated development team takes an agile and result-oriented approach to meet the deadlines of every project. 

2. Driven by Time and Requirement

The concept of hiring a dedicated development team is based on a frequent changing of the project scope. The team of developers works enthusiastically and exclusively on the project to meet the deadlines even with the changing scope. A committed group of developers can show better collaboration and come up with the most suitable solution to the business needs. If the client wants to change the scope of a project, it is possible without affecting the deadline by hiring a DDT. 

3. Complete Control

This is one of the biggest benefits of DDT. YOu can select the developers for building your team. Many mobile app development companies provide an option to choose team members through the proper recruitment process. Also, hiring your team remains scalable as you can add or reduce the number of teammates as per changing project requirements. The team works under the client, and therefore, the client has complete control over the dedicated development team.

4. Quicker Turnaround

Dedicated developers have a lot of experience and expertise in their domains. They can quickly kickstart your project and you can get the benefit of a reduced TTM (Time to Market) while launching your product in the market earlier than expected. This is the biggest advantage of working with DDT.

5. Cost-effectiveness and Shorter Duration

Recruiting an employee or making an in-house team for a specific project is a time-consuming and costly process. You need to spend a lot of money and put the effort into managing the in-house team. After selecting the employees, you need to spend on their onboarding, perks, incentives, and monthly salaries. But, once you sign a contract agreement with the mobile app development company to hire dedicated development teams, you can save all these expenses easily. Also, you need to hire developers for a shorter duration as they work dedicatedly for your project.

6. Readymade Infrastructure

The dedicated development team usually works in their office with established and known infrastructure. It means that you need not spend on establishing infrastructure for the dedicated team. In a way, you can save onboarding costs, legal costs, and overheads.

7. Additional Services

Let’s understand it with an example of Android app development. Once the team of developers has built an app for you. Do you think you are done? The real task is to get initial downloads and get valuable feedback from the early users of your app. You can address this objective by running a marketing campaign. All you need to add app marketers to your team during the app development process. You can get this additional service from the same app development company that further saves your time and effort.

8. Better Handling of Complex Projects

The hiring model of dedicated developers works wonders in large and complex projects. This model is highly flexible and scalable to handle the complexities of your project without extending the deadline.

9. Skilled Resources

It is possible to hire highly skilled resources through a dedicated development model. Some of the most experienced and expert professionals work exclusively on your software project when you hire dedicated developers from anywhere in the world.

10. Desired Outcome and Competitive Edge

Working with a DDT ensures the desired outcome of your project in a given deadline. As a result, your company can get a competitive edge.  

Wrapping Up

Dedicated development teams work remotely and you can also take an advantage of timezone advantage. You can save big on recruitment, overheads, and other costs by outsourcing your IT projects like mobile app and web development to the dedicated development team. All you need to monitor the progress regularly and communicate with the team members frequently to get the desired results.

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