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10 Brilliant iOS App Ideas in 2020

by Devin Jones
10 Brilliant iOS App Ideas in 2020

App Development is one of the most sophisticated jobs. Many companies specialize in application development.  Additionally, mobile development is rising rapidly as people are using their smartphones due to lockdowns and social distancing. Although there are many applications in the market, many segments still don’t have a mobile application.  So, in this article, we are going to discuss some great app ideas for an IOS app development company.

It is not an easy job to come up with a million-dollar idea. The concept of an application plays the most vital role. For instance, this idea can be used to transform any new company into a rising sensation.

List of Best iOS App Ideas

1. Augmented Reality Application For Interior Designing

Home decor has become one of the popular pass-time hobbies in these quarantine days. As people are mostly stuck inside their houses, they love to see some lively atmosphere in their rooms. Various online sites have millions of products for home decor. However, it is impossible to see a product image and guess whether it will look good inside your room or not. So, an application that captures your room and lets you visualize the product inside your room, in real-time will be a wonder. So, an IOS app development company must consider this idea. There many factors that decide the cost of iOS app development.

2. Application To Scan And Convert Documents To PDF

It is not convenient to go to a store, every time you need to convert a physical document into PDF.  So, if there was an application that scanned your document with the help of your smartphone camera and converted it into PDF; then it would save a lot of trouble. For instance, all the people who are in the business sector can benefit a lot from this application. Moreover, it is logical to carry a smartphone in your pocket instead of carrying a scanner in your hands.

3. An Application For Health Check-Up And Diet Planning

There are separate applications for health check-up and diet planning. However, it would be a marvelous idea to have an application that runs a health check-up and suggests a diet chart accordingly.  Then, people need not waste their time massacring hundreds of websites for a proper food plan. Thus, hire iOS experts who will make a fortune if they can implement this idea properly.

4. Railway Tracking Application

Daily commuters need to keep track of all the minute details of local transport. Although at present, people are locked down at their houses, they need to keep track of at least the basic train operations. So, it would be very helpful if you create an application to track all the railway operations in real-time. Additionally, various governments are running special trains to help people reach their home town in this pandemic. So, this application can help to keep track of these trains.

5. Voice Translation Application

A single person can’t know all the languages in this world.  So, it becomes very difficult to communicate with people while visiting other countries. Moreover, it is not easy to find a translator every time. Thus, it would be a great approach to have an app that can detect a foreign language and translate it into the mother tongue of the user. Moreover, this app must be operational offline, as it is impractical to expect an internet connection in other countries.

6. Application For Learning Various Languages

Previously, we discussed an application to translate foreign languages into the mother tongue of the user. Similarly, it would be great if there was an application that helped the user learn various languages. The app must be adaptive according to the learning level of the user. For instance, a beginner level will help him to learn the basic alphabet of the language.

7. Bike Servicing Application

The bike is the most common mode of transport as, at an average, almost every teenager owns one. So, bike maintenance is one of the most prominent businesses. It would save a lot of time and effort if a biker can locate a service center nearest to his location that offers cheap services. So, an app expert would make a million-dollar application if they invest in this app idea.

8. Application To Find Shops With The Help Of Product Scan

People often find a product that they aren’t sure where to buy from. It would be a great idea to create an application that scans a product and suggests the nearest store that has it available. This app will save a lot of hassle that people usually have to undergo searching for a random product.  An expert must consider this idea as a viable option to make a fortune.

9. Mall Navigation Application

Malls are massive shopping complexes with hundreds of outlets. A person who goes to a mall usually losses track of the stores and ends up wasting a lot of time finding the right store. An application that would help him to keep track of all the stores would be highly beneficial. So, you can create an application that shows the digital map of the mall and also gives directions to the user.

10. Criminal Alert Application

It is difficult to remember a criminal’s face after seeing it only once on the television. Thus, people would love to have an app that keeps a record of all the criminal and missing person database that you can access any time.


The basic idea of an application is very important if you want to create a successful app. An iOS app development company can completely change its fate with just a single successful app. So, we can conclude that all the applications mentioned in this article can help a development company create applications that can earn a fortune overnight. Additionally, a common user will benefit a lot from these applications.

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