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10 Reasons Why Instagram Is the Best Social Media Platform for Your Business.

by James Vinse

Social media marketing has become synonymous with digital marketing today. Not using social media could eliminate a very vast chunk of the potential market.

And Instagram marketing is the go-to choice for any business. If you are a brand that wants to seek the attention of the young and distracted minds — Instagram is your only tool.


Here are the ten reasons why this platform is your definite way to success.

1. Better Visual Content

We cannot deny that Instagram’s user-interface is much more colorful than any other social media platform. They keep in mind a fun and visually appealing experience. They allow only photos and videos and very little room for text.

This burst of visual aspects keep users hooked on Instagram for hours. Since there is very little reading or understanding needed — the users tend to scroll for longer on this platform than any other.

2. Younger Demographic

Compared to other social media platforms, the average age group of an Instagram user is much lower. It is this young and peppy user experience that has made it a crowd favorite for the youngsters.

More than half of the population is at an age younger than 34 years old. After Snapchat, this has become one of the leading platforms for teens and college-goers. The most significant age-group on Ingram is between 18-24 years.

3. InBuilt Tools

Instagram has made its platform highly self-sufficient. The user does not need too many third-party apps to post content online. This feature allows creators to generate more content in less time and with ease.

For example, the feature like Boomerang allows users to make looped-videos or GIF-like animation from their phone. Additionally, Layout is another feature that lets you create image and video collage.

Like Geo-Tagging, stickers, and click-able tags on the Instagram story, the other tools have also made the platform playful and ever-changing.

4. Organic Following

It is much easier to build an organic following on Instagram. Apart from YouTube, this is the other platform that helps you achieve this step.

Using hashtags is one such way. When you add Hashtags to a post on Ingram, the surface on other users’ accounts with similar interests, this helps your company reach more people and get better views of your content.

In the same way, the search feature on Instagram auto-genres content to the user’s liking. This process helps push the content to new users.

5. Video Compatibility

The digital world today is taken over by video content. The more videos you post, the better your engagements with your users. These are fast becoming the go-to source for entertainment and information.

And Instagram has shaped its interface to meet this demand. Video loads on Instagram almost instantly and can be added to the story and the feed. These videos keep users hooked on the platform for longer too.

Making videos is also much more comfortable today. With tools like InVideo, the whole process will take just a few minutes — and each post can be a video post.

They also have a dedicated video-only segment on the platform called “IG-TV.” Here you can add much longer and more extensive videos. The video capabilities of Instagram will only increase in the years to come.

6. Community Building

Since Instagram is content and interest-driven, the process of building a community is much easier. You can easily collaborate with other users and followers. The comments section is one such place.

Other features like story-Reposting, collaborative Instagram Live Videos, and story-tagging make it very easy to grab others’ attention in your domain.

7. Strong Analytics

After its takeover by Facebook, their analytical brains enhanced the experience for Instagram business users. Once you turn your profile into a Business Profile or a Creator Profile, you can access a set of detailed analytics tools.

These provide analytics about user-behavior, post engagements, and page interactions. They can also help determine what content is working for your brand and receive lower attention from the following.

This information can help your business sell better and gain a deeper understanding of their followers.

8. Ideal For Competitor Watch

This is such an open platform that it is much easier for you to keep an eye on the competition. The profiles and pages of all businesses are evidence of their activities.

You can see what content they post, how often they publish, do the chase trends, what is the engagement on each kind of content, and much more. You can then get a much better idea of what your brand can do differently.

9. Real-Time Engagements

With features like Instagram Polls, quiz, and DM-buttons on the story — your brand can get a real-time engagement with the consumer. They can see your story and then engage with your brand. The “swipe up” feature also allows you to embed links into the story for better call-to-action.

Most parts of the Instagram feed do not allow aunty URLs, but the home page and story call to action are highly effective. This feature allows all the users to be directed to a single page and narrow down the interactions funnel.

10. Content Driven

Most social media platforms fall under this category, but Instagram allows you to create a portfolio of your work. The profile on Instagram has a perfectly symmetric and aesthetically pleasing grid.

This keeps your posted content in a well-presented manner, long after it has been updated. Like other platforms, the profile of each user is less-cluttered.

Final Thoughts,

Before you jump into using Instagram for your business advantage, ensure you make the switch to a business profile. These have better features and give you all the tools to help your content flourish.

You will also need to optimize the profile for maximum efficiency. This includes adding a profile image, keeping an updated bio, adding the links to a landing page, updating the contact information like phone-number and address.

With these simple tricks, you are ready to dominate your Instagram market. Keep your posting consistent and ensure you interact with the users as often as possible.

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