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3 Web Design Factors Enriched with Multimedia and Futuristic Features

by Robert David

Web design for businesses needs to be on song as there is no margin for error. Certain factors are essential for the design of a website & you can hire a professional web design agency for this. Businesses cannot afford to change the design that often as the cost can be overwhelming. Many e-commerce ventures tend to ignore the multimedia aspects as they think that it is for portals related to entertainment, gaming, or sports. But this is not the case as the reality is quite different.

If you are trying to set up a business in a big city like Dubai, then there is nothing wrong with it. Being ambitious is good for your growth but thinking about the challenges is critical, so that you must act accordingly. The following are the three such factors that can make any professional website look the part.

  1. Use of Bright Colors and Fonts 

One design element that you must start with is the use of bright colors. Think about how bright colors get the attention of the visitor. There is no rocket science involved here as we all know that this is crucial for our website’s success, and you need to stick with the tried and tested formula in this regard. Always choose the color most websites to use, like orange and red, which instantly attract visitors.

There is a new trend that the designers are using to their advantage. They are using bright colors and big fonts, replacing the website’s images to get visitors’ attention. If you think deeply, this is a very good tactic as finding original and authentic images that connect to your product is hard to find. And if you will try to get a photoshoot and produce your own images, then it will cost you a lot. That’s why this strategy is now gaining momentum amongst the designers.

Another good reason for using big fonts and bright colors in place of images is the loading time. High-definition algae and big graphic files take time while downloading and is not the ideal scenario. That’s why bright colors are making waves on many websites.

Now let me describe how the fonts play a crucial role in this regard.

Smart Use of Fonts 

The typeface is the design of the lettering that can include variations. This can include regular, bold, italic, etc. This is the basic scheme we all have, and the improvisations in the size and style make all the difference. As mentioned above, the use of fonts in conjunction with the colors can alleviate the experience of the visitors of any website. Deft use of color and fonts can make things interesting for the onlookers as this is something that is a necessity nowadays.

Fonts are what businesses need to focus on so as to create a mesmerizing effect for the visitors. The combination can be turned into something deadly to make a lasting impact on how you want to engage your website’s visitors to the optimum. The fonts’ size in the heading, subheadings, or in the CTA can make a world of difference in drawing the attention of anyone browsing through your website.

  1. Go for the Kill Through Apt Use of Videos

Videos are now considered an integral part of a website. Nowadays, short 10-30 seconds videos are in abundance on most websites, but their proper presentation is what can make the difference. Any information can be conveyed through the videos, but the content should be interesting enough. You cannot think of getting the views you have in mind by putting any random video. That’s where customized content will work for you.

To have the best impact on your visitors, the placement of the video is also essential. Auto-playing videos are not recommended at all as they irritate the visitors. The sudden sound of video for a person in his workplace, for example, can be embarrassing too. Remember, a golden principle of web design is that a website must offer options for the visitors. So, never auto play a video, but a background video doesn’t offend a visitor much if it is without sound.

Offer multiple videos on the homepage or related product pages. There is another option of creating a separate section of videos to provide all the videos in it. But this is an old practice, and not many visitors now bother to click on the video link. So, it’s better to incorporate videos at strategic places on your website.

  1. Virtual Reality and Online Shopping

Now, this is something that requires much expertise and knowledge about what you are going to present. Don’t think of it as something plain mediocre like any other design factor. So, don’t take a chance and go for a Dubai web design company’s services with a proven track record in this concern. Think of an apparel store online offering the visitors to try out the clothes. Sounds impossible? This is possible through VR as several companies have developed virtual mirrors or fitting rooms that offer great assistance to the visitors.

Let me define this aspect further for a better understanding of the apt use of this amazing technology.

Through virtual mirrors or fitting rooms, anyone can simulate the process of trying on clothes just like a physical store. In fact, through VR technology, a shop can offer more options, and even in less time, to the visitors than in reality. There are other services available in this concern like trying on makeup, nail polish, hair color, etc. Similarly, shoes can also be tried out virtually.

All the industries mentioned above make merry during the lockdown. The deadly COVID-19 virus wreaked havoc across the world last year and also in several countries nowadays too. So, the online e-commerce scene made a heyday as consumers worldwide use online shopping portals in this concern.

This is just the start as there are several design aspects in the making for this aspect and more. So that in the future, this is going to be huge.

Over to you 

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