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4 Social Media Tips for Software Companies

by Naveen Agarwal
Software Companies

Whether your company sells software to other businesses or consumers, it is essential to have the best online presence possible. Today’s society is internet-driven and with so many online opportunities, it is best to take advantage of them. With large social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, it is easy to generate customers with the correct social media strategies. 

Creating effective social media strategies can be time-consuming and challenging. However, with the correct strategies, it can help to boost your conversation rates and lead to an increase in sales. 

Improving your online branding is an important foundational component of any marketing strategy. Only through your online presence, customers are able to get to know you and your company. If customers are unable to find what they are looking for on your web content, they will seek other websites for the information. 

Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Social Media

Platforms like Instagram continue to grow rapidly every single day. This platform is projected to reach at least 1 billion users in the upcoming months. This provides you with an opportunity to grow your business and reach out to potential customers that are waiting to use your products and services. 

Social Media Tips for Software Companies

As mentioned, the correct social media techniques can draw the right customers to create mutually beneficial relationships. The ability to maximize marketing initiatives, organizations and companies should seek out strategies to grow their online presence. Below are the top social media tips that software companies can follow to grow their businesses…

1) Focus On One or Two Social Media Platforms

By developing a strategy by choosing the best platforms for your company, it can save you time and resources to maintain presence on all of the social networks that are available to you. It is best to focus on just one or two when you are starting out. The type of platform that you choose will depend on your company and target audience. The top two common choices are usually Facebook and Instagram.

Once you have selected which type of platform works best for your company, it is best to spend some time developing guidelines for the type of posts that you will be sharing, such as the tone and style. This helps to keep your website looking professional and a higher chance for people to take you seriously. It is also important to plan a posting frequency guideline that has some of the following questions: What time will you be posting content? Will you post once per day/ twice a day etc? Who is responsible for the post and sharing it? With consistency, it helps to create a relationship with the people who visit your site. 

2) Original Video and Tutorial Content

Video content is a great marketing tool and has become extremely prevalent with technology companies. Short and engaging two to three-minute videos are the best way to attract new customers and provide solutions that might be of value to them. 

There are several factors that software companies should look into regarding posting original video and tutorial content on their website. Below are some main areas to focus on when producing video content:

  • Fun Videos: Creating videos that are funny or have humorous aspects to them help your company to stand out from the competitors. 
  • Useful Content: Use video content as a way to provide useful content to the viewers. By having tutorials of how to use your products or any other service you are providing, it can be of great value to those watching.
  • Animated infographics:  Infographics are an easy and colorful way to present information about your company to potential buyers. They create great data and visual elements and present them in an engaging and entertaining way. 

3) Influencer Marketing

Software companies are increasingly partnering up with influencers to expand their social media reach and attract even more customers to their products and services. By leveraging influencers (who already have loyal followings and credibility within specific industries), you are able to utilize their resources to target certain buyers. 

By identifying target buyers, you can easily determine industry influencers. One of the easiest ways to connect with target prospects is using LinkedIn to see who they are following. Influencer marketing is critical in building social credibility as a whole.  

4) Provide High Value Content To Your Readers 

Figuring out the type of content that best suits your brand can be difficult. But with the correct and high quality content, it can provide great value to your readers/customers. There is an astounding amount of digital content that is being generated every day. With high-quality and unique content, it can set you apart from others who are producing quick, low-value content. 

The best way to provide high value content, according to ComboApp, is by centralizing your content experience. While individual pieces of content can have their own personality and wit/ humor, it is better to have the content all come together in one centralized experience. 

The importance of delivering real value can be seen by customers who buy your products and services. If potential customers are not able to get any value from your content, they will not convert into buying customers. 

By having high value content, it creates a positive brand impression that can last for a long time and helps to increase conversion rates. 

The Bottom Line

In the growing tech industry, is it important to structure your marketing strategies based on where the potential customers are located. By leveraging the customers from platforms, such as Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc, it can help you to expand your business and create loyal followings. 

In summary, the key social media tips that should be incorporated by software companies are as follows: focusing on one or two platforms to present your content on when starting out, it builds a relationship between you and the people on these platforms, having original video and tutorial content on your platforms, leveraging influencer marketing, and providing high content value to your readers. 

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