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4 Ways to Choose the Perfect Tapware for Your Bathroom

by Naveen Agarwal
4 Ways to Choose the Perfect Tapware for Your Bathroom

Taps are one of the most vital essentials in a home and the most used product as well. Choosing the right tap can make your life considerably easier and elevate the look of your home by notches. More so bathroom taps as you cannot imagine the space without one. Hence ample attention must be paid while purchasing tapware online. And while it may seem that picking a tap is a no-brainer, it is far from the truth in reality. You need to consider several factors before you finally embrace one as a part of your home.

To help you in this journey, listed below are the important factors you must consider before your buy:

Tapware Style:

One of the initial things you notice when you enter any bathroom, for that matter, is the sink area. And that is precisely also the most frequented spot in your bathroom. Therefore it becomes essential to add tapware that blends in beautifully with the sink and your entire space. There is no dearth of available options when it comes to picking the right tapware. Not only are they too many but also quite alluring. You could opt for a mixer variant that compliments shallow sinks and allows you to regulate the flow and temperature of the water. You also have pull-out taps that are specifically designed to cater to large and deep sinks, and then there are the stunning three-piece ones that work well if you’re looking for something functional yet classic. You can choose a gooseneck tap for something above the sink level, and if you need a rotating addition, then swivel-spout it is. Consider the mood of your bathroom and choose the style that best caters to it and matches your features list too.

Tapware Material:

Once you’ve zeroed down on the exact type of tap you want, it’s time to bring the tap finish into the picture. It is responsible for bringing a cohesive look to your bathroom and determining the level of maintenance that will be needed. You have options aplenty regarding the finish, like, say, nickel that has a warm, subtle finish and acquires a rustic look with time. You can also consider a brass finish if elegance is on your mind. For a more oxidised look, there’s gunmetal. And you can certainly never go wrong with a shiny chrome finish which is also among the most popular in the market. For something truly contemporary and chic, you can add a matt black finish tap to your bathroom.

Water Efficiency & Pressure:

Functionality is at par with finesse when choosing the perfect tapware. So it is essential to look into the efficiency of the tap too. Most modern-day fixtures come with ratings that indicate the level of water efficiency the tap has. The more the stars, the better it is, as that also means minimal maintenance cost. You must spend time ensuring that the tap can navigate the water pressure to make it a seamless experience for you. It also allows the area around the sink to be clean and relatively dry. Before you head out to purchase one from the store or buy tapware online, make sure you remember to check the ratings, product warranty, and related certifications for a pleasant experience later.

Budget & Maintenance:

And finally, you’ll need to get a tapware that fits into your budget. It would be best that you look at the manufacturing company, customer reviews and testimonials, customer support, and product reputation to make sure you feel satisfied with your purchase. It would help if you also had clarity about what you wish to pay for. For example, a specific company may charge more than others for the stylistic finish, while another may charge a similar price for functional features. Depending on the tap finish, you’ll also need to understand the maintenance requirements and add that cost to your budget.

Your journey to a hassle-free time in the bathroom begins with the right tapware. So remember to make it a worthwhile investment.

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