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5 Actionable Tips to Get Quality Backlinks for Your New Blog

by Devin Jones
5 Actionable Tips to Get Quality Backlinks for Your New Blog

Twenty-One Thousand and Six Hundred…..That’s the number of blog posts that will be published on WordPress by the time you will reach the last full stop of this article (assumed reading time- 15 minutes). The million-dollar question for every new blogger is: “With such a massive competition how can I grab the visibility on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)? There is no sure-shot answer to this question but with the right SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies you can start improving your blog’s visibility and gaining more views and clicks. One such strategy is to gain good quality organic backlinks.

What is a Backlink?

When a website inserts a link that directs to an external site it is known as a backlink. For instance, upon clicking a hyperlinked text on XYZ.com opens another website named ABC.com. In this example, ABC.com is said to have got a backlink from XYZ.com. The domains linking to your site are known as referring domains and their quality influences your site authentic. Google regards backlink as evidence of your site quality. Backlinks from low-quality sites lower your ranking while the ones from the high-quality site help in improving it. 

Now as you know the basic concept of backlink we move to our main topic- How to get good quality backlinks for your new blog? We have specially created this post for the new bloggers and have included comparatively easier ways. Here are the actionable tips:

Write Guest Posts

The guest posts on authority blogs and sites help you to gain really good visibility. No doubt, the primary benefit is getting a high-quality backlink. However, there are other long term and indirect benefits as well like widening your reader base, building your personal brand, and also forming valuable relations in the blogging industry. So, you need to make sure how to extract the maximum benefits out of your guest posting efforts. Think of it in RoI terms with keen attention on gaining maximum profits out of your inputs and building a sustainable stream of advantages instead of limiting to the immediate benefits.

Through Your Acquaintances 

We all are so much engrossed with the digital world that we don’t value or realize the real worth of our acquaintances. Tell your colleagues, seniors, and- why not, even the CEO of your company (provided you are at good terms with them) that you have started a blog, invite them to read, and politely ask them if you can tell their site audience about your blog. Naturally, you will insert a link there. 

Use the platforms like Linkedin to check the researchers or experts and request them for their excerpts and views that you can add to the post. Add their site links in the excerpts. Most possibly some of them would happily place your blog post link on their site. 

Host an Event and Submit it to Event Listing Sites

Host a small niche related event and list it in event-related websites with decent authority. Of course, you will insert your site link there. It is a much easier and quicker way to get quality backlinks. The downside is charges associated with event organization. You can tone down those expenses as well. Keep it at a small scale and concentrate on the core takeaways instead of glitz and glamour. Major expenses are related to space. If you have a decent lawn you can arrange the event there. Alternatively, you can check with your close friends or acquaintances if they can help you organize the event at their office/appropriate places during off-hours. 

You may even show them as official sponsors of your event.

Two major high authority event listing sites are:

  • Eventful: For large events
  • Meetup: For small events and casual fraternity meetings

Through Other Popular Blogs/Posts 

Another way to get quality backlinks from high authority sites is to look for the trending blog posts and then write a post that concentrates on some new, fresh aspect of the same topic. If a trending post concentrates on the “What” aspect of a topic, you can write on the “How” aspect and insert a natural backlink to that “what”-related post. Many bloggers would reciprocate by giving you a backlink from their site.

Interviews With Top Influencers

This is another easy way to get backlinks for your blog. However, by influencers, we don’t strictly mean the social media influencers. It can be an influential figure in your niche. For instance, if you are a travel blogger then it may be a leading travel expert or if you write on education then you can reach out to a respected academician. Before that scan their profiles on Linkedin and news sites to see their specific areas of interest and how are they contributing to the relevant causes. Now search some of the latest interviews of those personalities to see what are they most excited about these days.

Using this information you can design an interesting interview. Proofread it to make sure that it should look professional and well-researched. Now reach out to them either through mail or social media sites and invite them for an interview. Tell in brief about your profile and objective of the interview. While not all of them might be willing or interested, some of them will respond. When publishing their interview, you can link to their site and media links.

Most such influencers have a specific media section where they list their latest press releases, product launches, interviews, etc. There are good chances that your blog’s link will get a link there. Due to their high influence even having interview of few such personalities are enough to make a good backlink profile.


In order to build authority for your new blog, you need to create quality backlinks. However, it is a challenging task for the new bloggers. In this blog, we presented some easy, actionable tips to help you get a good backlink profile without investing too many efforts. These free or inexpensive link building strategies can help you in earning decent authority in the digital world.

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