Asphalt Parking Lot

If it has been several years since you’ve had your company’s parking lot repaired and restriped, it may be time to give this some serious thought. This often means filling in and smoothing out cracks in the asphalt and once everything is done, you’ll want your pavement company to sealcoat your lot. In fact, there are many benefits of sealing your company’s asphalt parking lot and here are just a few to explore.

1. Prolongs Life Expectancy of Your Parking Lot

If you are looking for information on how sealcoating your parking lot helps to prolong life expectancy, you should check out You will find that one of the biggest benefits of sealing your parking lot is that it helps to slow down the process of deterioration. This, of course, leads to a longer lifespan and that is always something that benefits your bottom line. A shorter lifespan means you need to repave more often which is never a good thing in terms of cost and the frustrations of working around a paving crew!

2. Speeds the Melting Process

In cold regions of the country, one of the biggest concerns in the snowy winter months is keeping snow and ice off the pavement. This includes pavement in parking lots as well. You can only run that plow so many hours during the day, but the best sealants are formulated in such a way as to facilitate the melting of snow as it falls so that you have less to shovel.

3. Prevents Penetration of Water, Oil and Gas

One of the ways in which a sealant can help to ensure a longer lifespan is by preventing penetration of water, oil and gas into the pores of the asphalt. A sealant does exactly what you’d think it would by the name alone! It seals everything in and out of the pavement.

4. Protects Against the Damage Caused by Expansion and Contraction

Here is why it is so important to prevent any water from penetrating pavement of any kind. Much of the damage you often see in parking lots and on roadways are those bumps, cracks, and holes caused by the expansion and contraction of ice as it forms on the road. An improperly sealed pavement will allow water to get into the asphalt which then will result in the freeze/thaw effect, or put another way, the damage caused by expansion and contraction.

5. Cost-Effective in Several Ways

There are several ways in which sealcoating a parking lot can be seen as a cost-effective benefit. Whatever you can do to prolong the lifespan of asphalt paving means that you will need to repave an entire area much less frequently. It certainly is less expensive to repair and seal a lot than it is to repave it so keep that asphalt sealed!

Also, you will mitigate risks of liability should anyone slip and fall on icy pavement which you have already seen is caused by water seeping into the asphalt. From bodily injury to property damage, you can be saved huge sums by mitigating exposure to costly liability claims.