shaker-style cabinets

Do you feel fresh looking at greenery? How about incorporating your favorite shade of green color in your shaker kitchen cabinet? Shades of green on shaker cabinets are a top choice for kitchen cabinetry.

Thanks to the variety of shades in green in shaker-style cabinets, you can pick any tone based on your preferences. The green color is directly associated with nature and can infuse life into your kitchen. Cabinetry experts and interior designers say that it has a distinctive approach and vital attributes.

Shaker cabinets and doors, as well as drawers, feature a flat center panel and square edges. It comprises minimal detailing or profiling and looks great in white, blue, and green colors.

Let’s look at the glorious green ideas to plan the perfect kitchen cabinetry in shaker style.

Best Green Tones of Shaker Cabinets

1. Forest/Dark Green

The forest dark green color is deep and moody. Modern kitchens in dark green may be rare, yet it creates an amazing and unique kitchen look. The incorporation of natural textures and bright white can enhance its beauty.

Shaker cabinets can make the best pair with light wood tones, white accents, chrome hardware, and natural textures.

The best choices for dark green colors for shaker cabinets are Hunt Club, Dark Everglade, Deep Forest Pine, and Hunter Green.

2. Mint Green in Shaker Cabinets

Shaker cabinets in mint green are a popular choice in the modern kitchen. The mint green cabinets can pair with white or light granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and modern hardware. The soft mint color shaker cabinets can look stylish and aesthetically pleasing.

The best choices for mint green shaker cabinets are Mint Condition, Fresh Mint and A Mint Whisper.

The colors that pair well with mint green shaker cabinets are white, beige, violet, royal blue, navy, white tile, black accents, wood tones, etc.

3. Bluish Green in Shaker Cabinets

Bluish-green shaker cabinets give a traditional look along with several accessories and finishes incorporation. Moreover, you can keep it classy with barstools and brass pendants. The best choices in bluish-green are Geddy Verdigris, Dark Jade, and Ionian.

This color in shaker cabinets goes well in combination with matte black accents, woven/rattan cabinets, and natural wood tones. Click here to find the best bluish hues of shaker cabinets

4. Dark Sage in Shaker Cabinets

The dark sage in shaker cabinets is a traditional approach and adds a modern twist, especially when you pair it with graphic black and white. Additionally, rustic kitchens with dark green paired with textured walls are inviting and cozy.

You can try these colors in dark sage in a shaker cabinet: Sage Stem, Lush Sage, Sage Green, and Rocky River. The colors that pair well are dark sage green, black and white, marble accents, warm wood tones, and a black lacquer finish.

5. Emerald Green in Shaker Cabinets

Emerald Green in shaker cabinets is the classic green color and is the top pick for homeowners. Shaker cabinet wood style also gives a traditional look.

The best colors to try in Emerald green are Deep Green, Lucky Green, Deep Jungle, and Grasslands. The color can pair well with bright white, golden wood tones, brass accents, and blue and white.

Bottom Line

We hope this post helps you select the green tone that complements the overall kitchen look and creates a long-lasting impact. So, take inspiration from these 5 best green tones for modern cabinets.