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5 Best Video Calling Marketplace in 2020

by Devin Jones
5 Best Video Calling Marketplace in 2020

Today digital marketing has been divided into various sub-categories and the live video calling marketplace is one of them. For truth, the video calling marketplace is growing rapidly in recent years, and people who are looking for a new remote-earning way or who are looking for help, advice, consultation, etc. for their projects and tasks both of them are rushing towards it. Considering this issue, here in this post, I have listed the 5 best video calling marketplaces that help you to add a profitable new revenue stream.

So let’s check out…

1. Quartrly - Video Calling Marketplace

Quartrly - Video Calling Marketplace

Quartrly is the growing peer-to-peer video calling marketplace where you can connect with anyone like celebrities, topic experts, influencers, sports players, etc. Each video call is here set to 15-minutes which is called a Quartr. If you are a famous person or someone who is knowledgeable and expert in a certain topic, you can make good money on Quartrly! You’ll be able to set your own schedule that’s why it’s so flexible. Simply pick the days and times you want to take Quartr calls and set the fees you want to charge for a 15-minute video call, then your customers choose one that’s convenient for them.

Booking a Quartr is so easy, open the app, use the Search field at the top to search for a person or #tag, pick the person you want to talk to, and check out the rate. Then if you agree with the rate, click the ‘Book a Quartr’ button. That’s it! You can even talk to them immediately if they have set themselves to ‘Available’. Overall, Quartrly is a nice get paid to chat app and if you are looking for a new stream for money-making, you should try it!

Download Quartrly for Android

2. Premium Chat

Premium Chat

Premium.Chat is a well-known video calling market place that makes it easy to get paid to chat or consult with clients, fans, and followers. Just set per-minute fees or flat rates for text or video chat. Ideal for coaches, consultants, influencers, experts, tech support agents psychics, adult entertainers to create a new earning stream.

Simply create your Premium.Chat profile and set up other things, then share the link on your website, social media, or in emails and direct messages. Moreover, you can even create your own paid chat widget for your website. Once you are done with the setup, offer any service you want, from professional consultancy to webcam modeling — and everything in between. The video chats are 100% secure in real-time from any device with no need of installing an app.

Check Premium Chat

3. Hummr - Get Paid for Helping via Calls & Chats

Hummr - Get Paid for Helping via Calls & Chats

Hummr is a fantastic money-making app via video chat, built for everyone to get help in his/her projects, advising, consulting, counseling, and one-on-one tutoring. Just search for people with their name, email, bio, qualifications, jobs, and skills, then choose the right person for your task or project. Or become a service provider on Hummr and do advising, consulting, tutoring, or any service you can provide online through chats and calls and earn good money. If you are really good at giving advice and suggestion on a variety of topics or a particular topic and have excellent communication skills, Hummr could be a nice and easy way for you to make some extra cash!

Download Hummr for Android

4. Fliffr: Live Video Marketplace 4+

Fliffr: Live Video Marketplace 4+

Fliffr is another live video marketplace where you can buy other’s services and sell your own services. It’s free and very simple and easy to find the advice, expertise, and skills you are looking for — any suggestion for any problem, guides, live instruction for critical tasks, etc. Just swipe through the vast Marketplace of experts, freelancers, and tutors. Always get personalized help, support, and advice in all areas via live video or simply a voice call.

As a Freelancer, with Fliffr it’s easy to find gigs and monetize your skills and knowledge. Work from home or ‘on the go’ anytime, anywhere via live video, and earn money. You’ll be able to decide and set when you want to work. You should give it a shot if you are seeking a get paid to chat app.

Download Fliffr for IOS

5. Peerz - Paid Per Minute Chat

Peerz - Paid per minute chat

Our last pick is Peerz which is mainly a community based paid per minute chat app and suitable for everyone. Because here you can become a user, a service provider, or both at the same time. Usually, a user can be a person or a business looking for answers on various subjects including marketing, consulting, companies, advice, etc. On the other hand, a provider is someone willing to provide information, advice, or consultation on a pay per minute basis.

Basically users post questions to be answered by providers, which in turn will offer help. Once the help is accepted, a conversation is initiated and the clock starts ticking. As a result at the end of the conversation, the provider receives the funds designated from that conversation time. It’s so easy to engage in conversations from your phone or web site just like using any other messenger apps out there. Undoubtedly a very useful app that can help you make some extra cash.

Download Peerz for Android | Download Peerz for IOS

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