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5 Factors for a Visually Enhanced Web Design with the Focus on Images

by Robert David
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The redesigning of a website can be instrumental in making any portal look the part. For some websites, no update is required at all for several years—for example, a financial portal. But for online shopping portals and e-commerce ventures, regular updates, up to twice or thrice a year, is needed. Small businesses and startups think that they can somehow do the redesign on their own. But making it work for them is not that easy a job.

The visual image is vital for websites looking to attract their target audience in large numbers. Good traffic is a requirement for every website, and images play a pivotal role in making it work. Many websites make the mistake of copying images from another portal or offer stock images to their visitors. Blatantly copying something from the Internet is cheating and can get you in trouble as websites can file a lawsuit against you and sue you for copying the images for which they have paid a premium amount.

As far as stock images are concerned, there is nothing wrong with using them. But think about how it can affect your website. Imagine the impact on your website visitors with an image that is also present on several other websites and has been done to death. Now imagine the impact of an original image depicting your product perfectly. More on that later in the blog.

Starting a Business in a City Full of Opportunity

Dubai is the business capital of the UAE and a regional hub. Companies like ALT Agency from all over the region and some from other parts of the world see many opportunities in setting up their business here. Of course, it is not easy as many factors make it difficult for most companies to start with a bang and sustain their business for even a year or two.

Web design is an important factor that can make business work for its target audience. Thinking about what you need here is crucial, and the visual aspect is the way that assists a website in dealing with this situation.

Working on the Visual Aspects 

The website’s visual aspect and especially what is related to images and graphics isn’t easy to change and apply. That’s where working with the visual language and keeping it consistent throughout a website can be the best thing for you to appeal to your target audience.

The following are the five ways businesses need to work on it to make a head start in keeping their visuals consistent.

  1. Website Template with Images 

Get in touch with your designer to see your website’s image template. You need to sort out many issues related to the size of the images and the way they will appear on the website. Want to have any special effects incorporated in the images or some edits that you need? This is when you need to work on such aspects; otherwise, it will be difficult to make such changes once the website is live.

  1. Get an Expert to Guide you 

A style guide can help you to reach your goal of dealing with fonts and colors. You can consult a Dubai web design company having seasoned professionals in this concern. Fonts and colors used in branding help a website make the best impression with the apt and consistent use of them, a definite requirement. A visual guideline that can help you in reaching your goal and that expert can certainly offer something that is tailor-made for your business.

  1. Hire a Photographer

The first point I mentioned about the use of original images that can help you get visitors’ attention is emphasized here. And there is no better way than to hire a photographer and, through a photoshoot, get the images for your website. This can be the best way forward so that you can get customized images exactly for what you need. You may think that it will cost you a lot, but the result will be for everyone to see and admire.

There is nothing wrong with using original pictures from websites offering stock images. But when you hire a professional photographer to do a photoshoot for your products, this is the proper way to get images and highlight your products for a great impact. Even when you will contact a website for stock images, you will have to wear some cost. So, it is better to hire a photographer and get the work done in a professional manner.

  1. Use of Old Images

Think about the images that you had previously. What can you do with them, and if there are any good ones to put on your website? This is an important aspect to ponder because if you can find quality and high definition images, you can save a lot of costs that you will incur. I don’t think that this point is in contrast to the previous one. It is just for the sake of getting good images for your website.  And if you already have some of them, then your workload will be decreased as you will have to get only a few more images to put on your website.

  1. Use of Excessive Colors of Fonts

Right from the word go, keep one factor in mind that everything you are doing is to enhance your brand’s visual appeal. So, you have to keep searching for the perfect solution but don’t overdo things. For example, don’t use excessive colors or points that will ruin the image of your brand. On paper, it looks good to use multiple colors to make your website look cool, but in essence, it will not gel well with most of your visitors. Now a days there are many payroll software that emphasise on these tactics so that user can get a professional feeling.

Over to you

If you think that you can add something valuable to this blog or want to ask a question that is bothering you, please don’t be shy and speak up. And I will be more than happy to answer your queries at my earliest. For any feedback too, please use the comments section below.

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