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5 Installations That Keep You From Getting Rich

by Naveen Agarwal
Getting Rich

Every person dreams of quickly increasing their income, which will allow him to get rich instantly. At the same time, many factors can affect the increase in well-being. Among them, attitudes are often distinguished that prevent a person from raising their standard of living. Some of them should be discussed in more detail.

1. Money spoils people

Probably every person has heard this attitude at least once in his life. In our society, it is generally accepted that a poor person is spiritually gifted. He is:

  • honest;
  • hardworking;
  • generous;
  • responsive.

For this reason, unexpected wealth for him can cause the loss of this high moral character. The result will be a transformation into a greedy and deceitful person who will only be interested in money-grubbing. Today it is already difficult to determine the roots where this idea comes from. Probably, it appeared already at the time of the inception of commodity-money relations between people. It can also be found in religious texts. The idea of ​​the anger that comes with wealth is not new. You can learn about it from the masterpieces of world literature, as well as from numerous propaganda materials of the last century.

If at one time this position could be justified by the fact that it allows a poor person, deprived of prospects, to receive minimal consolation, today the situation has changed. Everyone has the opportunity to decide their destiny on their own, so such attitudes only limit our potential. Even after becoming rich, a person can maintain compassion and an altruistic outlook.

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2. Wealth cannot be made honestly

This is one of the most serious misconceptions today, followed by many. It lies in the fact that a simple hard worker can’t make a fortune if he does not constantly deceive, steal and engage in other illegal activities. There are many examples of the wealthy making their fortunes through misconduct. But thinking of wealth solely as a sign of fraud would be a mistake. It is important to remember that simple workability is not enough to make money. It is also necessary to be proactive, savvy, and have a talent for making connections. Even simple luck can ultimately become a decisive factor in the accumulation of wealth.

3. Money is not happiness

Considering the most common misconceptions, it is impossible to ignore this. It often overlaps with such a concept as “happiness cannot be bought.” Wealth is not capable of bringing satisfaction to a person. On the contrary, it only gives rise to many problems that have to be reckoned with. Wealthy people are often lonely and lacking in joy. The basis of this installation looks like this. But thanks to the study, which was organized by Grant Donnelly, Doctor of Sociology, it was possible to prove the opposite. He interviewed more than 4 thousand people and notes that having a large bank account makes a person more self-confident and contributes to an increase in the general level of well-being. Such a person is less worried, which helps him to get pleasure from life.

4. You will have to pay for wealth with something else

If you believe this attitude, then all actions in the world will necessarily receive a reward. For this reason, a person who has made wealth burdens his heirs. The latter will face a variety of challenges in the future. This attitude is very common and many people are afraid and even feel the joy of receiving large incomes. At the same time, today there are many techniques thanks to which you can get rid of this phobia, including meditation or work with psychologists.

5. You can only get rich when you are young.

Supporters of this attitude believe that when a person reaches a certain age, it becomes more difficult for a person to become rich. For example, while he is 30 years old, then a person has a lot of chances to become successful, and upon reaching the age of 40, these chances are sharply reduced. This theory has its reasons, since with age a person has an increase in the number of worries, and mental activity gradually decreases. At the same time, this is not at all a reason to abandon the idea of ​​opening

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