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5 Key Advantages Of Using Python For Development In Artificial Intelligence

by James Vinse
advantages of using python for machine learning

In order to understand the impact of Python language in developing artificial intelligence-based programs, it is important to have a clear understanding of what is Artificial Intelligence? 

Artificial intelligence is the science of masquerading intellect in machines and computers. Such as problem-solving programs, extensive learning of different processes and basic & advanced planning in the corporate sector. 

AI is the future and present, its applications are so wide and would revolutionize the computer industry in near future. It is already being substantially discussed, developed and applied particularly by scientists and researchers in all sorts of fields, such as engineering, medical, chemical and mechanical industries.

AI is the general category which further divides into machine learning and deep learning

On the surface level: AI is anything intelligent that a machine demonstrates that results in some sort of problem-solving or effective utilization of time and resources; while machine learning is the next step of AI which basically retains this intelligent demonstration by using algorithms to parse data and convert it into information by giving AI the ability to make decisions.

Finally, comes the deep learning which is similar to how a human brain functions in order to draw conclusions.

Now that it is established that artificial intelligence is the key to future, we now need to discuss why Python is such a good choice in this new era of machine learning and what are the advantages of using python for machine learning? Why Python is the top choice among renowned developers particularly for artificial intelligence, machine and deep learning? The answers are very transparent and speak for themselves. 

Advantages of Python and the reasons why it is used in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

With the advancement in technology and constant struggle to improve the efficiency of products and services, there has been a huge amount of increment in data volume and data complexity. Here, artificial intelligence comes into play and more precisely, the Python language can prove to be a tremendous help.

1. Primary benefit – A STRONG LIBRARY ECOSYSTEM:

In order to utilize artificial intelligence or machine learning, the development team needs a large amount of time to create a well-structured, extensively tested and high reusability coded program. Here, Python can turn out to be a lifesaver. 

Why? Because of its strong library ecosystem where there is a network of pre-written codes that the developers can pick and use at any time. Examples: NumPy is a very common framework used for scientific computation. SciPy for advanced computation and Keras, TensorFlow, Sickit learn for machine learning. Python contains a whole world in itself.

2. Primary benefit – Simple and short. 

Python is mainly praised and loved for its easy access, easy understanding and concise code. The simplicity of this language allows even new developers to quickly grasp even the quite difficult concepts.

The reusability and readability allow even a non-developer or someone who didn’t originally write the code to easily comprehend the whole program in its native form.  The simple syntax allows developers to test the program easily and multiple times. 

3. Primary benefit – Huge applications and already developed material.

Python is going to be with us for a long time due to the fact that its community has already grown large and there is an abundance of support from all over the globe.

Python being an open-source programming language allowed a great number of users from different corners of the world to create more assets and support them with top quality documentation.This big network allows developers to continuously improve the language, resolve bugs and issues and readily give guidance to any other developers in need. 

4. Secondary advantages – Platform independence.

Not only Python is easy to read, learn and use. It is also a very versatile language in terms of its applications on different platforms. 

Python can be used essentially on any platform, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Unix and a great number of other platforms. Another thing that makes it such a great language is that it can easily be moved from one platform to another without having to rewrite the whole code. 

5. Great visualization capabilities.

Another charming thing about Python is that its code and data can be visualized so that it can be easily read by humans. Artificial intelligence and particularly machine learning are a complex concept and requires a lot of learning in order to comprehend the process.

But this feature of Python allows data scientists to build charts, histograms and plots for better understanding and visualizing. As we already mentioned that Python has a vast network of libraries, this allows for visual tools to be accessed and utilized as well.

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