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5 Quirky and Unique Gifts a Geek Might Not Buy For Themselves

by Naveen Agarwal
5 Quirky and Unique Gifts a Geek Might Not Buy For Themselves

When it comes to buying presents for the geek in your life, it can be hard to get things for them as they probably have most things related to what they enjoy playing or watching. There are, however, a few things left to buy that are quirky and unique and that they probably do not already have. So, what might they not buy for themselves?

An Arcade Machine

Now this would be the ultimate talking point and something that you would know if they had or not! An arcade machine in anyone’s living room, games room or bedroom is sure to start up some interesting conversations as it is very unique, yet stylish at the same time. When it comes to looking at arcade machines, you have to think about what the recipient may enjoy playing and watching. For example, are they into Star Wars, Marvel Comics or Pac Man? There are a good selection of movie brands and characters that you can choose from and there are lots of sizes of machines available from 2 player to 4 players. With so much choice you are bound to find a machine that gives hours of joy and pleasure.

A Full Size Replica Model or Figure

They might have a cardboard cut-out or even a poster hanging around their home of their favourite character or scene, but it is unlikely that they will have a full size replica model or figure, that is for sure. From a life size predator figure to a full size model of Superman there are lots of replicas and models you can get hold of. Replicas can often be found on auction sites and at auction houses and the good news is that it can be something that can be an investment too, especially if mot many have been made.

A Meet and Greet

This could be in person or it could be virtual. A call on someone’s birthday or special occasion is easy to arrange and might just brighten up their day a whole lot more. There are websites you can use to arrange and pay for a meet and greet, and if you feel that a meet and greet is not enough you can also pay extra and receive a personalised message or song which can be cherished and kept for many years to come. If a virtual meet and greet is not enough then you can book a physical (real life) meet for a future date.

A Movie or TV Program Script

A signed copy of a TV program script or movie script from their favourite show, programme or actor is unique and something that will not take up a lot of space. An original signed script might be hard to obtain, but they are available. More readily available are copies of original signed scripts which can be picked up for a few pounds or dollars (depending on where they are located). Often when you purchase a script you get a bit of memorabilia as well, this could come in any shape or form, and dependant on how much the script cost it could be anything from a napkin used on set to an original piece of the clothing or costume.

Personalised Items

Something with their name on and the programme or movie they love is sure to be a hit. Personalised items do not just have to be t-shirts and caps, it can be anything from dog bandanas to clothing, dressing gowns and pyjamas. When it comes to buying personalised items always make sure they are genuine and authentic. When purchasing clothing it is best to ensure that you only use genuine sites, and that you only purchase genuine goods. There are a lot of counterfeit websites around and some offer the same prices as the genuine site to dupe you even further. If you buy fake or counterfeit clothing you will often find the transfer or embroidery used is of inferior quality as is the fabric used to make the clothes.

When looking for quirky gifts it can be hard to forget about the little things including cards and gift wrap. To go the whole way, and to make sure you have their passion truly covered you should try and find a card that features their favourite movie or TV program characters, and you should also try to find some complimentary wrapping paper. The more personalised and individual you can make a gift the better received and appreciated it will be by the recipient.

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