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5 Strategic ASO And SEO Methods For Your Next Mobile App Launch

by Naveen Agarwal

There are plenty of great app store (ASO) and search engine (SEO) optimization strategies to use for your upcoming launch. Currently, there are over four million smartphone applications available on the Google Play and Apple App Store. This means development teams need to get strategic about how to promote their finished applications. Of course, this will help to boost visibility, drive user discoveries, and maximize organic downloads. For expert app developers, like yourself, it can also help to minimize user acquisition expenses and increase total revenue for your digital product. To help you get started, read on to learn about the strategic mobile app ASO and SEO methods for your next launch.

Select The Right Name

First and foremost, picking the right name is one of the most strategic ASO and SEO methods to follow on your next launch. There’s so much that can be said about the name of your mobile application. After all, this content plays an important role in SEO, as well as app store optimization. Ideally, you’ll choose a name that is clear, unique and includes your brand title. It should also represent the core message of your app, and refrain from promoting any other business names. In regards to length, you should limit your title to roughly thirty to fifty characters. Surely, picking the right name is one of the best mobile app ASO and SEO methods for your next launch.

Talk About Your Development Progress

Next, tell users about your mobile app development progress, pipeline, and lifecycle. Post regular social media updates, blog posts, and online forms to discuss how your app is coming along. You can tell users about your planned due date, latest developments, and current progress. Plus, keep users up-to-date with the programming tools, development resources, and supporting technologies that you are using. For example, you may be building with Docker hub, which is Docker’s official registry. It hosts well over 100,000 images, even including official images used for MySQL, Apache, and MongoDB. This solution will help you ease the release and simplify distribution tactics. Following these tactics, you’ll be able to drive user interest, spread word-of-mouth marketing, and create a buzz about your app before its even life. Certainly, talking about your development progress is one of the best SEO and ASO tips for new launches.

Encourage Ratings And Reviews

Revies and ratings work as a direct indication of your app’s usability, functionality, quality, and popularity. That being said, they are another key app ASO and SEO tactic to employ. After all, apps with lower ratings won’t be displayed as high in the top app store results. That being said, you should regularly ask users to leave five-star reviews within the app itself. In addition, consider encouraging your audience to leave some reviews through other channels. You can even use gamification incentives to reward users that leave reviews. Indeed, building ratings and reviews is one of the top ASO strategies to use on your upcoming launch.

Use Top-Quality Screenshots

When marketing your app with ASO and SEO, high-quality screenshots are going to make a major difference. You’ll want to leverage your screenshot real estate within the app store strategically. Use these to focus on the most unique, innovative, and engaging components of your application. If you are getting to this part, you should seek professional advice to prepare your design assets to the highest standard. Absolutely, using top-quality screenshots is one of the top mobile app ASO and SEO strategies for your upcoming release.

Design A Unique Icon

With potential users browsing through a long list of mobile apps, a well-designed icon will serve as a memorable first impression. Carefully think about the ideal size, color scheme, symmetry, and geometry of your app icon. For most Apple or Google OS icons, the ideal size should be 1024×1024. Of course, there may be differences for navigation and tab bar icons, which are generally smaller. Definitely, designing a unique icon is one of the best app store and search engine optimization tactics to follow.

There are so many strategic mobile app ASO and SEO tips for your next big launch. First off, you’ll want to pick a strategic, well-thought-of name for your mobile application. Throughout the process, inform your users of your development process and timeline. You’ll also want to encourage user ratings and reviews once your app is live. Plus, use top-quality screenshots from any device that showcase your app’s functionality, features, and capabilities. Furthermore, design a unique icon to help user remember your app. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about the strategic mobile app ASO and SEO methods for your next launch.

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