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5 Surprising Reasons Behind HIgh Sugar Levels

by Naveen Agarwal

Sugar levels say a lot about your health!

Especially if you are suffering from a condition like diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic illness that can make it difficult to live a normal life. Usually characterized by a high blood sugar level, diabetes is a life-long condition that comes with its fair share of the burden on a patient’s health and finances.

Living with diabetes can be quite difficult and one may need to face many things at once. You may follow your diabetes diagnosis with a proper treatment plan consisting of medications and better lifestyle choices. You may have a proper diet plan, work out on a proper routine and can still suffer from a high blood sugar level. This can waste all your efforts.

Diabetes and High Blood Sugar Level

The phenomenon is pretty common and knowingly or unknowingly you may experience high blood sugar levels. There could be many things behind it and knowing about these can be fairly helpful in managing your disease.

I have closely seen it. My mother suffers from diabetes and always complains about high blood sugar levels. We took her to the best diabetologist in Lahore. Later it was found that she was suffering from high blood sugar levels due to being sensitive to coffee consumption. So, her physician revised her treatment plan and this came as a huge surprise for us.

Common Causes Behind High Sugar Level

If you are also suffering from the problem of the high blood sugar level, then you must be mindful of the things that can increase your blood sugar levels suddenly. Knowing this can help you to make your disease more manageable. Here is the thing you need to know about;

1- Consuming sugar-free products

Sugar-free products are quite in a trend and many people make them a part of their diet considering them safe for consumption. Sugar-free products seem harmless but can affect your blood sugar levels.

Though diet sodas are a great alternative to conventional sugary drinks yet you can’t overlook the downside of consuming these excessively. This could be one reason that you are experiencing high blood sugar levels but be mindful that moderation is the key and don’t forget to consult your diabetologist on this.

2- Not having your breakfast

This might feel harmless but skipping your breakfast is a bad habit and its effects can go longer than you expect. This is especially important in the case of people who are diabetic. Skipping your first and most important meal of the day can have multiple side effects such as increased blood sugar levels after other meals.

When you keep your body deprived of food for a longer period and eat after longer breaks, this can make your blood sugar level fluctuate. So, next time when you come up with the thought of skipping your breakfast, you must think about the consequences it can have on your health.

3- Dehydration

Water is important for your health and affects several aspects of your health. Not consuming enough water is bad for your body function as well as it can hurt your blood sugar level. Make sure that you are consuming enough water if you don’t suffer from fluctuating blood sugar levels.

4- Blood sugar changes due to menstruation

Fluctuating blood sugar levels can leave anyone confused and you may find yourself wondering about the causes. Let me tell you that many women can experience increased blood sugar levels because it is the time of their ovulation cycle. So, our menstrual cycle can be one of the causes of high blood sugar levels.

5- Dawn Effect

Just as the name indicates, the dawn effect is the increase in blood sugar level early in the morning. The phenomenon occurs because your body is unable to produce the level of insulin that can counter the early morning blood sugar level your body has. The phenomenon comes naturally and this could be one prominent cause of increased blood sugar levels your body has.

Bottom Line!

Diabetes is a problematic condition that can make a patient’s life miserable. The disease can come in your genes or can be a consequence of poor lifestyle choices. Many things can help you to control your blood sugar level and enjoy better physical health. Knowing about diabetes basics can be of great help and can save you from future troubles.

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