Hiring new candidates in the team is a daunting process. It needs a lot of things to be considered- finding the ideal candidate for your team, promoting an open position, conducting interviews, and so on. Employers have to spend a lot of time and energy on the same. One mistake most of them make is overlooking their significant recruitment asset, i.e., the current team.

Yes, you read that right.

Not only your team members would feel engaged and loyal, but also they can help in getting high-quality new hires. Here are some ways you can involve your existing team in the recruitment process.

  1. Asking Them For References

Word of mouth and recommendations can ease your burden to a great extent. When the rest companies focus on turning to external resources, concentrate on your internal team for referrals. Your team members are most likely to have an enriched network, tap into their world and see how beneficial it can be. It can be one of the best and most cost-efficient techniques to filter candidates and make the right choice. Not only companies but Staffing agencies can also reap the advantages of this tip. It would help to recommend only those candidates who would be able to fit into the culture and meet all requirements.

  1. Ask Them Their Stories

To leverage them to recruit new candidates, ask them to generate content for you and create buzz. They can write their stories because you should first know your existing team, how they feel working with you. You may also ask them to write something about the company’s culture. It will help their connections to know about the company in a better way. Share the content on all social media platforms to generate buzz. It will help to produce the desire to work in your company. Many companies are moving on the path of introducing a hire referral program. Finding the next best-suited employee for your company will become easy.

  1. Handling Them New Resumes

In staffing agencies, hundreds of resumes reach every single day. So, filtering the best out of them is essential. Most probably, team leaders and managers would be excited to take this responsibility. Many of them might also convert into an opportunity for them. Ask them whether they can sort through the resumes and choose who will be their next team member. Ask for volunteers and set the best ten resumes. This will help you to filter those candidates who have put some effort into making an error-free resume. Hence, the experience and eagles’ eye of your skilled employees will help you to acquire great talent for your company.

  1. Inviting New Interviewers

Does the same take interviews of the applicants? That means you are among those companies that pigeonhole themselves. But it would help if you gave a chance to others as well. Otherwise, the same type of people will be there in your staffing agency. So, in order to diversify your team’s brainpower, invite new interviewers. Otherwise, the same three to four people will look for similar capabilities in the applicants. Also, it will give other employees to upscale themselves and try on something new and exciting. Hence, making them realize that they are an essential part of the company.

  1. Collaborative Hiring

It is one of the recent tips offered to the Human Resource department. Instead of jumping on the final decision to hire a candidate, allowing all members to meet him would be better. Ensure it is a large and more casual group meeting with minimum planning—kind of an informal interview of the potential new hire. The team members can access him in a more relaxed environment and whether he/she is a capable fit. The key areas that can be looked upon are the ability to work inter-departmentally and a sense of competition in a healthy way. In addition to that, it will facilitate both sides in having post-meet and greet conversations.