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5 Tips That Helps You in Writing Good Product Description

by Naveen Agarwal
5 Tips That Helps You in Writing Good Product Description

How does a retailer offer his product to a customer is a key factor in converting a potential customer into buyer. The online exhibition of products is a cornerstone that tempts the customer to buy the product with confidence.  Well-described product description has the power to turn the potential customer walk to your sales. Most of the purchase failures are a consequence of bad product descriptions. This is the reason online store owners hire product description writing services for better product catalog.

What Is Product Description?

While in online shopping, Product description plays one of the most important roles in beefing up the sales. Regrettably, many times, it slips through the cracks of the seller’s mind.

A product description is marketing statement that describes the features and benefits of the product to the potential buyer. Almost 91% of customers reported that a good product description is a major cause of product purchasing decisions.

So, what are the points your product description must include?

What Does Your Customer Find In Your Product Description?

The article has come up with 5 wonderful product description writing tips that will compel prospective customers to click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button.

1. Tell About Who, What, Where, Why And How Product Is:

Once you think of these questions before drafting the description. This is the first step in crafting an informative product description. Mention the answer to the following questions.

  • Who can be the buyer? For whom the product is made for? Determine the target audience (men, women, girls, kids, aged group, etc).
  • What are the product’s features? You need to describe the product details like dimensions, material type, colour, size, functions, etc.
  • Where to use it? You have to tell where the customers need to use the product such as an indoor, outdoor, car, home and so on.
  • Why to use your product? Mention why your product is better than other sellers in the market. So, mention all the benefits and distinct features of the product.
  • How does your product work? This is additional info that articulates your product more deeply. You can include this info if you are selling electronic products or medical items.

These bullet points can use your product description template space in the best of its manner.

2. SEO Friendly Description:

Use selected keywords in your title and product description for SEO rankings. Your product should include words relevant to your product and create traffic on your product shelf. Search Engine Optimization is the best way to optimize your product content and bring customers to your product. You can also use ‘On-Page SEO Checker’ for keyword research which discovers the most commonly used keywords on high ranking search engines. For example: Use “Men’s Brown Leather Belt” rather than just a leather belt or belt for men.

3. Use Powerful Words:

By using creative and powerful words in your product description, you can turn the buyer for making loop purchases. While crafting your description, use adjectives that act as garnishing on the product. For example: Instead of using words similar to “nice” or “high-quality”, pick for power words like “stunning” or “sensational”. Here is a list of keywords that can make your product description more exciting, impressive and worthy to purchase.

4. Let The Description Short, Simple And Scannable:

Your product copy must be short and simple to read. Otherwise the buyer might not entertain your product. Try to make the matter informative but short and easy to read. You can bring into account the following points:

  • Prefer short sentences: Longer sentences may be difficult to digest. Short sentences keep the reader engaged and relaxed while reading.
  • Make bullet points: Bullet points help the reader to easily scan the product information. Amazon uses bullet points to present the product description.
  • Avoid ambiguous words: Use easily readable vocabulary for the product description. Don’t make the description as tough reading. Avoid using words like concomitant, imperturbable, ignominious, and so on.

5. Use More Images And Other Media:

Images showcase your product more effectively. A lot of customers might skip reading the written product description and look for the images. So, it is essential to provide standard Images related to your product. Try to get close clicks from different angles of the product that the buyer might want to see.


You can constantly add more features to your ecommerce site. Start by optimizing your product description. The essence of effective product description writing services is SEO friendly description, use of powerful words, short and simple description, use of standard images and so on.

Now, it’s high time to implement them and chase for the result better product catalogues.

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