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5 Ways The Legal Industry Is Being Influenced By Technology

by Naveen Agarwal
Legal Industry

This world is now revolving around new and innovative technologies. Technology is changing the way every industry is functioning. The scenario is the same for the legal industry as well. Technology has also started to influence it as well.

Often though we are using the technology, we fail to recognize it. From what happens at a probate court to why it happens, technology has its effect everywhere.

5 Ways The Legal Industry Is Being Influenced By Technology

Here, I will discuss 5 ways the legal system is being influenced by technology. Though these are not the only 5 ways, there are much more than this. But these 5 ways are highlighted one.

Client Communications Or Streamlining Lawyers

A study says that around 64.7% of all law firms allow their lawyers to telecommunicate with their clients. Unified communication tools help lawyers to communicate remotely with their clients and also with each other. Dekalb County Probate Court also emphasizes this fact.

This way, they can contact their clients whenever and wherever they need. These tools make lawyers more productive. With the help of this unified communication along with collaboration solutions, clients and lawyers can communicate with email, instant messaging, web conferencing, or webmail.

Automating e-Discovery

While preparing for any case, in order to search relevant evidence, lawyers are required to spend a huge time shifting through documents. But thanks to technology, all these documents are digital now. Evidence can come from mobile devices, emails, IoT devices, or database archives.

Often eDiscovery tasks are relegated to the paralegals. By using analytics, eDiscovery speeds up the entire process. Advanced analytics even can search for phrases and keywords. Automation also removes irrelevant documents and streamlines the whole process.

Simplifying Case Management

In order to meet the demands of legal case management, digital business management platforms have been adopted in recent days. The lawyers get help from this software in order to automate many processes that are related to case management. The case management platforms can be web-based, so those lawyers who are working remotely can access them easily.

And those processes include organizing contact lists, scheduling important dates, entering data for billing, and managing documents. For easy access, all the relevant pieces of information are stored in a centralized database. When necessary, it also allows the lawyers to share documents with other lawyers as well.

Leveraging Analytics

Cognitive analytics assists in automating routine and time-consuming legal processes. Along with helping to examine textual threads, natural language processing also can be used for understanding the contexts of complex statements in most legal documents. Isn’t it really great for more effective and efficient solutions?

In order to analyze the contracts along with automating the approval process and the editing, many forms use artificial intelligence. Those organizations also claim that analytics can reduce the total cost of contract reviews by 90%. And it also saves sound 80% of the time of law firms that were devoted to contract review tasks.

Creating Online Communications

For those underserved and disadvantaged communities, online communities offer access to pro bono legal advice, counseling, and resources. They also bond law students and lawyers so that pieces of information can be shared. They also help in debating the issues in the profession.

In order to network and collaborate, different social media platforms are becoming more popular as forums for lawyers. LinkedIn is an excellent option for lawyers, as it is focused on professional networking and growth. Other social media platforms like Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook also have their benefits as well.


So, there are 5 ways the legal industry is being influenced by technology. As I have said earlier, Technology is everyone’s, and in the present days, it is beneficial to adopt the newly innovated technologies for better growth. Dekalb County Probate Court also agrees with the fact that for lawyers, technology has made the legal tasks more effective, time-saving, and easier.

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