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6 Spectacular Hacks to Increase Your Instagram Followers in 2021

by Naveen Agarwal

Our social lives have undergone a magnificent mutation since we have shifted our habitats from the actual world to a beautiful land of pictures. Yes, you got it right – INSTAGRAM! This jaw-dropping planet compels a nerd to pop champagne at a club, a place where you can flaunt your attire, and a world where your vacation pictures rule the feed! 

Social media has surely not fortified us to our smartphones, rather, it has widened our avenues like never before. You support artists by liking, commenting, saving, and sharing their workpieces, you shop from Instagram pages, and kill time by exploring your genres of interest, and thus, this social platform has offered us much more than any other social application can ever do.

Now if you were to ask – what’s the first thing that you notice when you visit an Instagram page? Surely, their followers! Instagram followers speak volumes about your account, thus, it’s important to have an impressive number of followers to widen your reach and that’s what the post is all about. The article talks about some hacks to get real and genuine Instagram followers.

Instagram Followers – Some Key Statistics

Since crafting an impressive Instagram network becomes extremely vital for every Instagram influencer, here are some major Instagram trends that will prove to be useful if you are looking forward to widening your reach on Instagram.

  • More than a billion people use Instagram a month
  • An average person spends nearly 30 minutes surfing Instagram every day
  • Nearly 81% of the people resort to Instagram for searching products and services with 130 million people clicking on shopping posts every month.
  • Instagram offers an exceptional conversion rate for your website as 50% of the users visited the referred website after viewing the post.
  • Instagram is regarded as the 4th most used application after Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Facebook.
  • There has been approximately a 17% growth in Instagram’s user base in Europe (West) in 2020.

These numbers are the clear indications that make Instagram a great tool for prospering your business on social media. Thus, it’s necessary to beautify your Instagram page to attract visitors and prosper.

The next section talks about some tried and tested methods that you can rely on to your Instagram page without investing anything.

Ways to Grow Your Page on Instagram

Here are some spectacular ways of gaining followers and to get more reach on Instagram

1. Try Using Customized Hashtags 

Creating brand awareness is the first step towards developing a brand positioning in the market and branded hashtags will prove to be a big helping hand in this. Hashtags are an excellent way to keep your best content in front of potential buyers as it is easy to get found through hashtags rather than through a direct profile search.

A brand owns numerous campaigns and using customized hashtags makes your campaign look less promotional and more interactive. Once a user lands on your page, then there’s a decent probability of conversion, given your product compels him.

2. Use Hashtags Related to Popular Events

Every industry organizes numerous events, which include seminars, master classes, workshops, conventions, and much more. if a user is interested to get some snapshots of these events, the best way to do is to search their hashtags and that’s what we want!

Hashtags are also a great way of promoting an event that you’re planning to organize. Seminars and workshops and provide quality knowledge to the participants tend to offer a much higher conversion rate. Try posting pictures of the workshop and don’t forget to create dedicated hashtags.

3. Try Participating in Conversions

Participating in popular conversions puts a light on your brand and offers higher chances of potential customers visiting your page. And here too, hashtags play a key role. They can be categorized into two types:

  • Long-tail hashtags: these are extremely specific hashtags and will help you find only those users who’re willing to engage with your brand. For example #CruisingWithCruisersWay.
  • Universal keywords: unlike long-tail keywords, universal keywords are generic and thus, they will help you reach a large segment of buyers as these keywords are commonly searched by people. For example #Shoes.

Thus, these keywords should be implemented strategically so that they synchronize with your marketing propaganda. Universal keywords specialize in attracting the general audience and will help you broaden your exposure, engage new followers, and reach out to new people. But in the end, both types of hashtags play a significant role in fulfilling your marketing goal.

4. Use Your Bio Effectively

Making the visitor land on the right page is the crucial concept to encourage conversion and the best way to do it is by using the URL in your Instagram account’s bio. Try adding clickable links to your bio to drive authentic traffic who may visit your online store to shop.

5. Engage with Influencers

You might have heard of the hashtag #ArtistsSupportArtists. Try engaging with other influencers on Instagram. Turn on their post notifications so you get notified every time they post, which will make it easier for you to engage with their posts.

Many brands go for paid promotions through influencers, models, and celebrities, which helps their page to gain genuine followers. But we aren’t coming to that since we aren’t planning to invest anything in promotions.

6. Tag Necessary Brands on Your Posts and Stories

Tagging brands on your posts or mentioning them in your stories offer a chance of getting featured on their page or your story getting reposted on their story, which is yet another popular method of gaining followers. But that doesn’t mean that you get carried away by tagging. Always tag the necessary brands or pages rather than tagging whosoever you like.

The Final Verdict

Instagram allows you to gain followers with some simple tricks that we just discussed. But in the end, it’s your content that will engage the users. We hope that you found these tips useful and they will help you brighten up your page with lots of followers.

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