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6 Things You Can Do on An Air Track

by Naveen Agarwal
You Can Do on An Air Track

One of the most alluring things about an air track mat is that they are diverse. The versatility of these smarts is what welcomes everybody to make its products and safer approach more useful.

When you have the workout mat that is also inflatable, there is so much you can do on it. However, whatever you do, comes under the fitness routine. If you want to explore more about the air track mat you are lucky to land on this page. If you are wondering about them, this article is just for you.

What Is An Air Track Mat Made Up Of?

Before you get to know those interesting things on an air track mat, let’s find out what material these air track mats use so that you can anticipate its durability, safety, performance, and resilience approach throughout its usage.

Generally, these inflatable rectangle mats come with military-grade PVC and drop-stitch material. Additionally, the water-resistant material or layer on the mat further works the best when it comes to absorbing sweat due to persistent workout sessions. Also, the powerful performance against jumps, impacts, and supportive build of these mats is what brings in the safety for users.

Things You Can Do On An Air Track Mat

There are so many tricks and movements you can do on your air track mat. From work out to stretching you need to find out what suits you the best and explore more fun ways to be physically fit. Besides, standing on your head with the support of your hand is one of the major exercises that are best for blood circulation and falls into the yoga category!

Since the air track mat is inflated you can certainly do stuff that involves rather risky body movements without getting yourself hurt at all. However, you should be watchful for not going to the extreme end. Below are some of the suggestions you should try out if you have the mat at home or the gym.

1. Stretching Or Yoga

One of the most anticipated things on the air track mat is jumping. However, yoga and body stretching are another safer and pretty much more productive things you should be doing. The bouncy mats are best for doing leg stretch, straddling, and doing lunges.

Basically, you can lean on these mats for putting knee pressure without getting your knees injured at all. Moreover, if you want to feel all day long, active touching of toes is what you might already have heard about!

2. Make A Cat Wheel

The cat wheel is one of the fun ways that you can do on the air track mat. to do that, but both of your hands on the ground and practice your leg (just the way donkeys do). Just kidding! When you get used to it and get enough confidence to move forward, kick the leg upward and push the supporting another leg. Make sure to keep your legs straight with no beds.

3. Hand Stand On Mat

While doing handstand movement, push the floor with your hand and try to stand on your hand. However while doing so your body weight is an important parameter to be watchful of. For this step, make sure to keep your neck even and don’t keep your chin too close to the floor.

4. Back And Front Tuck

You can also do the back and front tuck on the air track mat. Since it involves jumping you don’t find it a hard trick due to the cushion and plush inflated mat beneath your feet. However, you should choose the air mat according to your size as Kameymall offers you multiple size ranges to choose from!

5. Aerial Flip

Aerial is a pretty much-liked acrobat that most kids find fun to do. For that, you don’t need any serious body trick or workout movement but it’s similar to the cat wheel style. run forward and take your hands off the air track mat. Try to do this pretty slowly if you are just a beginner or you have never done that before. You can use your hands for support while learning this trick and make it less to make the perfect aerial.

6. Train Yourself

Air track mats are a perfect answer to physical training like planks, arms, core, and quad sessions and enhancing the stability and balance of overall body weight. Also, you can make the flexibility of the body even better, such as shoulders. If you prefer wall sit the air track mat would offer better stability for your feet.

There are many more things such as back handspring, pirouette, etc. filled with air and assurance for impact reduction, these mats become fun and exciting items for those who are fond of physical activities.

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