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6 Tips To Help You Find A Good Product Design

by Naveen Agarwal

Designing a product is similar to art. Your creativity and vision can help you make an attractive product keeping the customers in mind. This process starts from producing several iterations of a concept or idea to the final design. The ultimate goal of the product design process is to create a tangible item. Designing it can be challenging and quite complex. Most of all, it requires skill, practise and intuition. Hence, many people prefer hiring designers from product development consultancies. Read on to learn a few tips for a good design.

  1. It Must Be Useful:

The product must be helpful to your customers. It must be designed in such a way that all of your design components must serve a purpose. After all, you are designing for your customers and not yourself. If you include aspects of the design that are not useful, it can diminish the worth or value of the product and the customer’s experience.

  1. You Must Focus On Function Over Features:

Many designers are tempted to include many features, notes, colours and words. It is easier to add components but difficult to minimise them. So, as a designer, you must focus on function over features. Although adding a versatile design is completely thrilling, you must consider your customers’ needs and wants. Some users opt for a simple product that works well rather than a clever device with many features. If you include more features, it might become less intuitive and complex. So, you have to consider the mission statement of the company and the purpose of the product.

  1. Aesthetics Are Necessary:

Although functionality and practicality are important, the look and feel are also crucial for a good design. It is not only true for software and digital products but also hardware and tangible goods. An excellent designer must have a sense of aesthetics. The value of the designers is showcased in this area. To create them, you must understand your market. Some products grab the attention in the room, whereas others don’t. They must be elegant and fit in with the rest of the customer’s home.

  1. Attention To Detail Matters:

When you design them, you must keep little things in mind. Little imperfections can make all the difference in the world. Hence, it is necessary to pay attention to tiny details to impress your customers, especially in the age of cheap disposable goods and mass production. You must treat them and their components with respect. Additionally, your customers will notice your perfect and detailed products and purchase them immediately.

  1. You Must Design For Longevity:

A product with a good design is timeless. You must design a product that will last the test of time. Consumers value a product that lasts for a more extended period. It demonstrates the skills of the designer. You can think of antique or vintage items at your home. Vintage clothing and old cars exist today because the past designers built them to last for a longer time. After all, a good design can never go out of style.

  1. Design Something Worth The Investment Of Your Time And Energy:

You must remember that designing the final phases can take up a majority of your time and effort. Sometimes, getting the products from nearly done to complete fully can take at least 50 per cent of your energy and 10 per cent of the design. However, you can ensure that the investment of time and energy for designing them is worth it. These details make a difference between exceptional and average products.

Before developing innovative ideas for a good product design, you must consider researching the consumer’s needs and wants. Then, you must design a product that will improve the lives of the users. That’s when you know that you have created something successful.

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