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7 Website Design Improvements That Will Boost Your Conversion Rate

by Gargi Sharma

E-commerce is growing exponentially worldwide at an unprecedented rate. Annual growth in the e-commerce business is rapid. But that does not mean that your business in e-commerce necessarily grows as fast as you want. You need to follow the best strategy to grow your e-commerce business. Best website design is an efficient growth tool for an e-commerce company. Each element of your e-commerce websites matters, from your corporate logo, the look and feel of your website, to your pamphlets / website banners, must be cleverly designed to enhance the user’s experience. In contrast, poor design can assassinate your company. So, let’s see the six best tactics and web design tips which can be termed as an essential ecommerce website checklist to be followed by a web design & graphic design company to develop an e-commerce company with powerful, smart web design features.

1. Make the Landing Page Powerful

If your e-commerce company wants to succeed incredibly quickly, you have to start embracing the landing page. A landing page is a specific web page dedicated to a good/service or a particular offer. And, unlike your contemporary home page, each element is laser-centric and intended to transform a browser into a buyer. The landing page shall have best website design with appropriate website design banners and an intriguing contact us page design.

2. Improve Product Visualization

Nowadays, customers are moving to online shopping and the biggest fear they have is quality of product because they are not able to see, touch as they do in physical stores. 3D product configurator is used to provide customers a realistic view of the product so that they can check the item from each and every angle. It gives a wide perspective and detailed view to the customer before they can make final purchase. It also helps in building customers’ trust and boost the conversion rate.

3. Incentivize Current Customers with e-mail Promotions and Remarketing Advertising

Selling to current clients is more cost-effective than purchasing new ones. Concentrate on recurring purchases from your existing clients, if you want to expand your e-commerce company quickly. The remarketing of advertising and email promotions are two big methods for reaching existing customers. Remarketing ads by Google are targeting users who have already visited your site. That means the people who receive these advertisements are the ones who are likely to be the most open to your advertising because they have already searched for your company on their own.

4. Offer People’s Perceptions to Develop Consumer Trust

Human beings are social creatures. Just after seeing other opinions do we all decide to engage, so, make sure to make space for consumer feedback and comments as you build your website for e-commerce. Feedback on products and services prove that others were ahead of you and were glad on purchase they did, this will give new customers the confidence to make the move.

5. Enhance Load Speeds on the Website

Your e-commerce operation is just as strong as your website. If clients encountered with incompetent architecture and frustratingly slow load speeds, then they will leave before you’ve had an opportunity to pitch them. First-time e-commerce companies do not invest enough money and resources in the progression of their web application to overcome this obstacle. If your e-commerce site includes data-intensive graphics and images, then the loading will be much longer than a normal, so cleanly built website with minimal graphics. Always, smartly use design elements for maximum impact and faster load speed.

6. Refine Your Business as an E-Commerce Mobile Access Service

Users have modified their way of using the internet. Over the years, there has been a substantial decrease in the number of users accessing the Internet from laptop/computers, while increasingly more people are accessing the Internet from their handheld devices. Handheld devices like mobile phones are the most common means of accessing the internet now. If you’re developing an e-commerce platform you need to optimize it for Smartphone users. If not, then behind times, you’ll lose your company

7. Restore Discarded Shopping Carts to Raise Profits

For every ecommerce store, a shopping cart is the penultimate roadblock between a prospective customer and a sales outlet. And the rejection of the shopping cart is a matter that all e-commerce development companies face. Restructure the shopping cart interface to remove the problem areas you’ve found. Bear in mind that simple is better than complicated.

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