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7 Digital Marketing Tips to Come Out of Quarantine Strong

by Naveen Agarwal
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If you run a small business, there is a good chance that you have felt the sting of the coronavirus pandemic. Perhaps your cash flow has taken a hit. Maybe your supply chain has dried up. Regardless, there are a lot of companies that are looking for ways to get back on their feet following the coronavirus pandemic. If you are getting ready to open your doors once again, you need to take advantage of digital marketing. A lot of the trends that developed during the coronavirus pandemic are here to stay. That is why you need to think carefully about your online presence. What are a few tips you can use to amplify your digital marketing efforts?

1) Think About Your Online Profiles

First, you need to think carefully about your online profile. Do everything you can to make sure your information is accurate across all directories. Even though this includes your own website, you also have to think about third-party websites that might include a profile for your business as well. You need to make sure your name, address, and phone number are consistent across all websites. That way, it will be easier for search engines to figure out where you are located. This is important for local SEO purposes.

2) Put Social Media Marketing to Work for You

Next, you have to put social media marketing to work for you. Because of the pandemic, people are spending more time in front of screens than they ever have in the past. As a result, people are spending more time on social media as well. Figure out the social media platforms that your target market commonly uses. Then, make sure you have a strong presence. You want to make it as easy as possible for your target market to find you. Then, interact with your target market on these social media platforms. If your target market knows that you value their feedback, you will develop a strong, loyal relationship with them.

3) Blitz the Internet with a Strong PPC Campaign

After this, you should get ready to blitz the internet with a strong PPC campaign. It is true that you will have to pay for your advertisements when people click on them; however, there are a lot of people who are looking for new opportunities during the pandemic. You might be able to increase your conversion rates if your landing pages have been designed carefully. If you need help running a strong PPC campaign for your business, do not hesitate to reach out to professionals who can help you get the most out of your marketing dollars.

4) Get Ready for Pent Up Demand

You also need to focus on other areas of your business as well. There is a lot of pent-up demand, as many people are venturing outside for the first time in several months. Your business is going to experience a surge in demand, so make sure you have enough customer service personnel in place. This might be a good time to invest in advanced software that may be able to automate a lot of the questions and concerns that your customers have. If you can handle the pent-up demand, you may be able to significantly increase the size of your customer base.

5) Check on the Competition

This is also a great opportunity for you to take a look at the competition. If you notice that someone is consistently generating more business than you, you may want to take a closer look at what their online presence entails. You may be able to follow a lot of what they have done to ride their hotel. You might also be able to spot new businesses that may have popped up in your industry during the pandemic. If you know what your competition is doing, you may be able to take a few extra steps to stay ahead of them.

6) Create a Special Offer to Get People in the Door

There are a lot of people who are still a bit ambivalent about spending money, venturing out to a local business, or trying something new. Therefore, you may need to create a special offer to get people in the door. For example, you may want to provide your customers with a coupon if they are willing to leave a review after purchasing your products or services. Or you may want to create a buy one, get one free offer during this specific time period. If you put together a special offer to get people in the door, you may create a customer for life.

7) Work with Professionals to Create a Strong SEO Campaign

Finally, you also have to set up your online presence for the future. This means working with professionals to make a strong SEO campaign. Even though organic SEO services are not going to deliver instant results, the returns you get from a strong SEO campaign can be exponential. The business world is going to change as the pandemic fades into the rearview mirror. On the other hand, some of the changes that took place during the pandemic could be here to stay. Therefore, you have to make sure your online presence to set up for the future with a strong SEO campaign.

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