Law Firms

Print magazines, television ads, radio announcements, newspaper advertisements…

For a very long time, law firms had been handicapped by using only traditional mediums of marketing and advertising. The legal industry has been infamous for being the last one to embrace digital platforms and online marketing. 

The last few years have witnessed a pleasant change. Law firms and attorneys have started experimenting with online marketing to help them get new clients and improve their visibility. 

The advent of digitization has forced consumers to change their behavior. In other words, for everything, consumers are likely to just ‘Google’ it. 

This is something that is not lost on law firms and attorneys. They have started investing in digital marketing and are seeing proven results. 

In this article, we are going to look at seven major advantages of online marketing for law firms. If you are an attorney that is looking to venture into online and digital marketing, you should read this article till the very end. 

List of 7 Major Advantages of Online Marketing for Law Firms

1. Promoting Awareness and Branding- 

Lawyers and law firms are always wanting to improve their awareness. They want to let the consumers know that they exist. This is where online marketing comes in handy. It can allow law firms to reach audiences and show measurable results through data. You exactly know how many people have visited your site, fill in the query form, and engaged with your content. 

2. Establishing Legal Expertise and Trust- 

Legal firms are technically more suited towards reaping the benefits of content marketing than other industry niches. The right content allows them to showcase how good they are at what they do. For example, explainer posts on the various legal facets help clients get an idea about a law firm and whether or not it can handle their legal requirements and needs. 

3. Segmentation of the Customer Base using Real-Time Data- 

Online marketing, whether it is on search engines or social media allows for the generation of data. For example, Facebook Insights can allow you to segment and target audiences that are looking for legal remedies. The same goes for search engines. Keyword research provides an idea about who is looking for what services and present you as an answer if you rank on SERPs. 

4. Capturing New Clients outside your Geographical Territories-

For a very long time, attorneys and law firms were restricted to only local populations and audiences. With digital marketing, they can now reach out to newer clients in different counties, districts, and even states. This has not only helped them open new branches where they have seen positive results but also allowed them to emerge as real thought leaders across regions. 

5. Getting Positive Conversations around Legal Topics going- 

In many ways, normal people are confused about their rights, duties, and legislations. For example, they do not know whether they can apply for compensation if they have been injured at work. A law firm that uses webinars, podcasts, and Q and A sessions to spread awareness can help individuals and families become aware of their legal rights and remedies. 

6. Online Marketing is much more Affordable and Cost-effective- 

This is an advantage that stretches right across the spectrum of businesses. Online marketing is not only measurable but also cost-effective when it comes to traditional channels of marketing like print ads, television promotions, and more. This helps law firms get the best return on their investments and ensures that they are not forced to break the bank for marketing.

7. Delivers Quantifiable and Tangible Results for Law Firms- 

Finally, if a law firm invests in quality online marketing by taking help from an experienced agency, it can get real results. These results can be measured by the kind of traffic it is receiving on its websites and the number of queries that are coming in. if a specific strategy is not showing results, it can always be checked, changed, and corrected midway. 

The Final Word

Law firms need to understand that not all digital marketing agencies are adept at handling the specific nature of their needs and requirements. For the same, they require an agency that has prior experience of working with attorneys and law firms. If you have any more questions that you would like us to answer, let us know in the comments below.