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7 Paid Alternatives of Free Streaming Sites in 2021

by Naveen Agarwal

Streaming movies and shows online have become an important source of entertainment for most people. They prefer to watch stuff online instead of on traditional TVs since it is more convenient and less time-consuming. When it comes to watching films and shows online you have two options at your disposal.

You can either use free streaming platforms like VIPBox or the legal paid ones. Research and various surveys indicate that people who watch shows/movies on paid platforms have more fun and exciting experience than those who watch this stuff on free websites.

Here are some of the best legal streaming platforms that you can check out and have endless fun.

1. Netflix

This streaming platform is a household name these days. The reason for this much success of Netflix are its huge movie library and very high video quality. There are many benefits of using Netflix as a streaming site including great number of shows, friendly website layout, quick search features, and a very interactive user interface.

There are various packages that you can subscribe to on Netflix but the most common one costs about $15 a month for unlimited access and multiple accounts.

2. Hulu

This platform hosts movies, films, documentaries while also allows you to watch various TV shows all at the same place. You can catch up with the latest news and new content from your favourite shows.

The website’s UI is very efficient and designed to make your streaming experience a delight. There are virtually zero security risks associated with streaming on this site.

3. Disney Plus

This is a rather new streaming platform but has instantly gained popularity and stands among the top streaming platforms of all time. You can watch both latest and old Disney classics on this streaming site. There are movies from every genre and category and the content to consume never ends.

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4. HBO Max

HBO Max is famous for its most friendly interface. You can easily find any show you want to watch. The website’s filter search and auto-completion features make it easier for you to search for the content of your liking.

HBO max is the greatest movie hub. It offers every show in original quality. You can stream HBO max on your phone as well which is pretty awesome if you consider its low charges of about $14 a month.

5. Amazon Prime

If you are looking for a platform that costs less but offers very high-quality content in terms of both audio and video, Amazon Prime is the one for you. This site has been around for many years and it is still famous all around the globe.

Amazon has a dedicated fan base and people seem to love how much this site offers for a very reasonable price of about $7 to $14 a month.

6. Peacock

This site gives you its premium streaming features at an incredibly cheap rate of about $9.99 a month. You can also avail a 7 days free trial for peacock and see for yourself how much great its streaming services and features are.

The site, just like Moviesda, pays extra attention to recent trends and offers every mainstream movie and shows that you can ask for.

7. Acorn Tv

This streaming website supports not just PCs but android and iOS devices as well. This means you can watch your favourite content at any time and place even without a PC or a laptop nearby.

Acorn gives you access to all the old classic British and foreign shows along with the latest mainstream stuff all at a very reasonable price of about $6 a month.

Final Thoughts

These are all among the top-rated streaming websites that are legal in all parts of the world. You can pick any of these sites and have fun watching your favourite shows and movies for as long as you want.

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