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7 Popular Logo Designs For Inspiration 2020

by Naveen Agarwal

Getting an awe-inspiring logo for their brand is everyone’s dream. But few are able to make this dream come true with genuinely inspirational logos. The first thing that a person observes about a brand is its logo. An aesthetically pleasing logo leaves a long-lasting impression on a customer’s mind. Just imagine how many famous brands logos are all saved in your memory.

So much so that you can even draw their logo’s rough sketch without even looking at it for recalling. There is a whole science behind logo designing. Artists and Artwork admirers keep a keen eye for detail and they define the abstract concepts and philosophies behind many logos. Before taking inspiration from some popular logo designs, let’s talk about some online logo design services.

All you have to do is – go online search for a premium logo designing service platform such as Designmantic, describe your idea and you are good to go. Also, you can get your custom logo design by Freelance platforms like Fiverr, UpWork, Guru, etc.


Now let’s see 7 popular logo designs that can instantly become your inspiration for your own brand’s logo:

1. LA Rams’ New Logo

As soon as they updated their logo, it went viral and received a lot of criticism from the fans, not because of the design but actually bad timing. During the pandemic when football matches were at a halt, La Rams updated its logo and people got a chance to make news out of it. Here we are discussing the design perspective and how according to design it was perfect.

Since their old logo had a ‘goat with horns’, they have taken care of the ‘horns’ in their latest logo by including that part as a symbol of their historical logo. The color theme is still consistent but a little more enhanced.

2. Kobe Bryant NBA Logo

Kobe Bryant also known as ‘The Black Mamba’ had one of the most iconic logos in the sports world. We all know how the superstar athlete never gave up and continued the game for the longest duration in the history of the NBA. We are talking about the world’s best NBA legend and his logo was a symbol of ultimate perseverance – A sheath of a Samurai sword.

Designed aesthetically beautiful and symmetrically perfect – an overall inspiration for logo designers. If you are going to get a logo design for your company, personal fitness club, book reading club, or any organization/institute where you want to promote enthusiasm and ‘never-give-up attitude’, you should definitely take note of Kobe Bryant’s logo.

Since we are talking about a Samurai sword and its sheath, the logo of Seattle Kraken is also noteworthy.

3. Seattle Kraken Logo

You can find the complete anatomy of their inspirational logo on the internet because it has multiple hidden messages and symbolization embedded in it. Designed by Adidas, this logo is so smooth and pleasing to the eyes. It has a prominent capital ‘S’ with some negative space between the middle part of the ‘S’ with little grooves on the surface, like something hidden in the dark shadows representing the dark waters of Puget Sound.

The top part of the logo has a vivid red mark representing the ‘eye of the beast’ which looks really attractive. You can also observe the carved layer on its back by which the designer has given an impression of the “Sea” (resonating with Seattle’s geographical presence.

4. DNC Logo 2020

This year, the Democratic National Convention’s logo was for Milwaukee and it represents several motivational visuals. They are giving the impression of empowerment of the values and their vision for prosperity through democracy in America. For the designers, it is a really good paradigm as to how multiple agendas or visions can be fostered just by a logo.

5. Washington Football Team Logo

A big fat ‘W’ is their latest logo clearly vouching for the team’s encouragement. The ‘W’ is in the Spanish yellow color (same as in Washington’s flag) on maroon background. This bolded letter has been made prominent enough that when the scoreboard is shown, their W really stands out from other teams’ logos.

6. Black Lives Matter Logo

We all know what has been happening with Black people around the world. Their acceptance as an equal part of society is still something that needs to be achieved. Increasing racism around the world especially in America has provoked to start this movement as an official one and has gained quite a positive response from good folks all around. Their logo is basic and states the whole slogan “Black Lives Matter’ in black text on a white background making it very basic yet impactful. The three yellow lines under the text make it more significant and prominent.

7. Biden Harris Logo

Everyone knows about the latest candidates for U.S presidential elections. Being already in the service, Biden thoroughly understands the cultural heritage and democratic values of America. Kamala Harris alongside Joe Biden makes it Biden Harris and their logo represents the very essence of the American flag.

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