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7 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Web Design Agency

by Rahul Vij
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If you look into web design stats, you will find that 94% of first impressions are related to your website design. Moreover, almost 75% of internet shoppers choose an e-commerce website just on the basis of its design.

Clearly, selecting the perfect design agency to develop their website is crucial for any business. The website will be one of your chief assets and main communication channel with your current and new clients. Hiring an expert cum affordable web design agency helps you polish the details of the project.

To help you a little in this difficult decision, we have prepared a list of 7 key questions that we recommend asking the considered candidates. With this questionnaire, you will choose wisely with knowing what each candidate can offer you. This way, you will have greater chances of choosing the right offer and avoid unpleasant surprises.

#1 Have you ever designed a website for companies in our sector or similar?

Although it may seem like a very obvious question, it is much more important than it may seem. Because depending on which sector you are in, it may be necessary to approach the commercial strategy differently from what you would in other media. Therefore, an affordable website design agency with experience in your sector will be more suitable for your project.

Depending on the sector to which your company belongs, you should focus your search on designers with experience in the same requires not only knowledge about design, layout or programming commercial sector or, at least, in other similar ones.

Help Tip: Don’t get obsessed with this either. A designer experienced in other sectors can bring freshness and new points of view that could provide excellent results for your project.

#2 How much knowledge do you have?

To perfectly design a website requires not only knowledge about design, layout, or programming but also the knowledge of how a design affects the web positioning strategies, accessibility, usability, etc. However, all this knowledge cannot be possessed by a single professional. So our recommendation is that you go to an affordable web development agency rather than an independent professional.

Help Tip: If your goal is to delegate the entire project, focus your search on finding a company that has a multidisciplinary team with this vital knowledge for your business project.

#3 Will we have more visits?

What do you want from your website? We assume – to generate sales opportunities and benefits for your company. Isn’t it?

“So how will the agency go about getting it?” – Ask it openly and demand a convincing answer!

You should not have any problem asking about the strategy that the agency will follow. You must know in detail how the agency will carry out the commercial strategy, content planning, creative preparation, technical programming, and launch of your future project.

Help Tip: The creation of commercial formulas and demonstrable marketing strategies that generate leads (potential clients) should be the priority in any web project. The main goal is to direct quality traffic to the web page and constantly generate business opportunities. This is what every web designer with some or major experience should consider.

#4 Will the website be responsive? Will it look right on any device?

The responsive web layout pattern is the key factor that any Internet search engine uses to analyze a website’s accessibility and usability. Further, these two help the search engine to position the website in the search results.

So, your website must be responsive and functional on every device – from laptops, tablets to mobile phones. This is non-negotiable, and the designer agency should fully assure you that it will be. If they don’t guarantee this, it will be better to find someone else.

#5 How are you going to optimize our website so that it ranks well in search engines?

Search engine optimization has changed dramatically in recent years. Years ago, it was a standardized and technical process that could be done at any time on the website, and yet today, it is linked to the creation process and its content. Today, to achieve a good position in Internet search engines, like Google, Yahoo or Bing, these techniques must be applied from the beginning phases. Therefore, the web designer must offer you guarantees that the strategy to be executed is aligned with your company’s commercial objectives on the Internet.

#6 What web development tasks will you perform, and which ones will you outsource?

When hiring a development company, whether it subcontracts certain project tasks should not be a decisive factor for you. However, you should bear in mind that this will add complexity when monitoring the project. As in the face of any doubt, suggestion, modification, or misunderstanding, there will be three parties to consult –  your supplier, its subcontractors, and you.

Therefore, it is important to know if, when hiring the designer, he intends to subcontract certain tasks to avoid possible surprises and headaches during the realization.

#7 What is your website development process?

The process that two designers follow can be completely different. Each company develops its own internal production process as per its knowledge, technological experience, and human capacity. And, since the process is the basis of the project, you must know it in detail in advance and the people involved and their role in the project.

That’s it, we will share more such blogs!

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