Win ICC ODI T20 Fantasy Cricket League

Do you know that you can virtually play cricket by adding the top-performing players to your team, score the highest and win? This is the era of fantasy cricket games where you can participate and enjoy making your team after watching the real cricketers performing on the ground. It is a unique way of enjoying the thrill of cricket for aficionados on a digital platform.

T20 is a new format in cricketing history where a team scores runs in 20 overs and the opponent chases it. Various international teams participate in different events and play against each other to score the highest rank on the performance list. One day International (ODI), on the other hand, is played for 50 overs. If you want to play ICC ODI T20 fantasy cricket, you will need proper information and analytical skills to find out the best cricketers in the world.

In India, many cricket fans participate in a national event of ICC ODI & T20 fantasy leagues by making their teams. They learn how to play it, choose team members from the top players enlisted and score based on the performance of the chosen team members. So how can you score the highest with your chosen fantasy cricket team? Here is a list of strategies that top fantasy league players follow and win.

7 Strategies To Follow

1. Making A Balanced Team Of Different Expert Cricketers

Your team fantasy league Indian T20 team must be well-balanced, containing the best batsmen, brilliant bowlers, all rounders, a stunning wicket keeper, and fielders. The biggest mistake a fantasy league team-maker can commit is just choosing the top players from a particular section. The team must be well-balanced with all kinds of talent present to ensure better performance on the field and on the digital platform.

You will need the support of batting, bowling, fielding, and wicketkeeping to gain more advantages in terms of scoring points and to lead the scoreboard. Therefore, check the players’ abilities, skills, and performance on the list to choose and make a strong team first.

2. You Can Create Multiple Teams

If the mobile app allows, you can make more than one team performing different combinations and increase the probability of winning. In fact, you can also participate in different events at the same time and utilize your analytical skills to score more. Again, increase your chances of winning by making multiple teams and follow the outcomes of the events.

3. Choosing The Right Vice-Captain And Captain 

Every fantasy league will ask you to choose the right captain to lead the match. In fact, you will also have to choose a vice-captain aptly. These two players are the key to score points and multiply them. The algorithm of the fantasy league mobile gaming apps allows you to increase your score by 1.5 to 2 times when your captain and/or vice captain play well in a game.

4. Choosing Players With Versatility

Make sure you choose a few players with versatile skills. What it means is you need to include players that can perform in different aspects such as bowling, batting, fielding, wicket keeping, etc. This step will assist you in getting more points from these aspects mentioned above. For this, you need to keep an eye on the performance of these versatile players from respective angles to gain more insights and to make a strong team.

5. Find Promising Uncapped Players

How can you make a difference between you and the rest of players enjoying the thrill of fantasy cricket leagues? Utilize your deep sense of cricket and find out the best-uncapped players showing exclusive potential on the field. Adding one or two such players can give you an extra edge in the competition as the rest of the clan will follow the top-performing players.

These uncapped players can be the trump card you can add to your fantasy team and make it big. If these cricketers perform well on the field, you will gain outstanding points from their performance and can lead with a good score.

6. Choosing Top Order Bowlers And Batsmen

The prime focus of the fantasy league players is on the top order bowlers and batsmen. As per the thumb rule, you need to add at least 6 such players to your team. Big scores will give you better points. In fact, the leading wicket takers can also outperform other players and boost your total score after every game. So concentrate on the performance of these players and do your research. Power hitters and stump demolishers are the ones you need to follow and make certain changes in your team.

7. Concentrating On The Present For Final Changes

A coin toss decides which team will bat or field first. Hence, your changes in the team at the last hour will be based on the toss result. Select your team according to the result. In fact, experts suggest concentrating on the weather and pitching reports. The pitch decides whether it will be a high-scoring match or the bowlers will rule. This is where a cricket lover uses his analytical skills of this sport and focuses on the reports before a match starts.

Bonus Tip

Focus on the health conditions of the players along with their performances in the previous matches. You can realize their current status and make respective changes. If a player is injured, replace him with a better option playing on that day. Follow news channels and get updates from the cricket websites to avail of specific information and redefine your strategy accordingly.

Build Your Fantasy Team And Score

These are the prime 7 strategies that assist you in making a strong team and in scoring more than the rest. Do not miss a game; watch the players perform, understand their forms, and analyze how they perform on the field the next day. Follow the news and gather more information to make informed decisions, build a team and develop your strategy.