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7 Things That Makes MAC More Lovable

by Devin Jones
7 Things that Makes MAC More Lovable

Want to make your Mac more productive and winsome? Then, read on this write-up thoroughly as here, we are going to tell you about some tips that help you to make your Mac more friendly and productive as well.

Chasing for more is the tendency of every individual, and well there is nothing bad in this as when you run for chasing more then only you could be able to get that thing in actual. Mac is better than windows no bit of doubt in this but keeping Mac consistent is way too tough than windows as well.

Making Mac more productive and winsome could be accomplished just by ensuring a few hacks. Removing duplicate photos on Mac, installing a trusted anti-virus solution, keeping Mac up-to-date, and so forth are some crucial core points that would help you in making your Mac more friendly and productive.

Let’s kick off the discussion and start knowing about the best hacks to letting Mac more effective. Stay engaged with this post know every bit in detail!

Remove Similar Files

Whether it is Mac or Windows, the same kind of files always cause a lot of problems. In other words, these files can be referred to as duplicate files. Most of all, duplicate files slow down the speed of the  Mac and stops the undertakings.

So, if you want to make your Mac more valuable and attractive then you need to remove duplicate photos Mac. This will also speed-up the performance of the Mac and runs every program smoothly.

Keep Your Mac Clean And Clear

To maintain the desktop clear you need to keep your Mac clean. Storing useless apps for a long while makes your machine gloomy and vulnerable.

So, cleaning up your machine timely is an essential part of maintaining a desktop. There is a vast ocean of the cleaner app that helps you to uninstall the program which you no longer need. Along with this, the cleaner programs also removed all the associated files with that software that may be hidden elsewhere in your roster. Trash Me is a good cleaner app but have to purchase it.

So, unlike those paid apps AppCleaner is the best free cleaner app that helps you a lot.

Hook-Up With Shortcuts

You would be amazed by knowing that keyboard shortcuts can also make your machine more productive. However, Apple provides a complete list of keyboard shortcuts but only some of our preferences which incorporate Cmd+W(use for closing a browser window or finder window), and Cmd+Space bar key to instantly bring up the search bar.

Additionally, macOS even permits you to personalize specific keyboard shortcuts or let you make your own. Thus, be an ace of keyboard shortcuts to make your Mac more productive and lovable too. Keyboard shortcuts not only makes your Mac machine enough productive but also increases your persona around your circle.

Hence, learn all the important keyboard shortcuts to enhance the aura of yourself and make your Mac much useful or engaging.

Dictate Instead of Typing

There is no doubt that typing is good to do work but you can save your fingers for some strains or maybe to speed-up your writing skills by taking the benefit of Mac’s dictation features which comes by default with the machine.

You can easily find the dictation feature by opening up the system preferences from the Apple menu then move to Keyboard and after that Dictation. Now you just need to turn on the feature and whenever you are going to input text on Mac, then double-hit the Fn key or select Start Dictation.

When you dictated completely and want to stop the function then click on the Done option beneath to stop dictating. And here you go, simply dictate what you want to type and let your fingers in the resting zone for other efforts.

Enable Hot Corners

Hot corners are not only meant to raise the temperature of your Mac but they are a more useful and convenient way to navigate around distinct sections of macOS, from moving a cursor to the corners of the display.

To enable hot corners, open-up the Apple menu then select System Preferences and Mission control.

Then, hit the click on Hot Corners and after that, you notice 4 drop-down menus for the four separate edges of the screen, where each edge has a distinct action allocated to it. Actions incorporate opening launchpad, notification center, commencing the screensaver, and setting display to sleep.

Input Faster with Text Replacements

With Mac, you don’t need to do hard work because your Mac Machine will do it for you. When it comes to entering text like address and emoticons, then you don’t need to type it again-and-again as Mac will do it automatically by its text replacement feature.

You have accepted this that you type shortcuts, for instance, my-add., and macOS will automatically enlarge it to the full line of the text.

To set this you just need to open up the Apple menu, then select System Preferences, Keyboard, and at last Text. However, a few instances are given there for your reference.

And you can also add the latest ones by just tapping on the plus button beneath. These sorts of text replacements are fitted over all the applications on Mac.

Mac gives you more in comparison with Windows. So, Mac needs more care and efforts of yours to keep the pace level high always. Mac not only fulfills every requirement of the user but also completes every undertaking in a different way.

So, through this post, we’ve tried to educate you on how you can be able to make your Mac more productive and lovable.

Hence, make your Mac unique and awesome to enhance the way of working. Moreover, Mac is techier than others so you have to adapt more techy vibes inside you.

Hope, this article would be helpful for you that suggests you how you can be able to make your Mac more lovable and productive.

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