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8 Amazing Email Marketing Examples to Use for Your Campaigns

by Naveen Agarwal
Email Marketing

Did you know that Americans spend around 5 hours per day checking their emails? Contrary to popular belief – email is not dead. Email is one way that you can turn all of your leads into loyal customers that continue coming back to you for their services or products.

We have gathered a list of the top email marketing examples so far this year. Keep reading to learn what you should be sending to your potential customer’s email inbox.

1) Headspace

Headspace does a great job with their welcome emails. At the beginning of the email, they reaffirm the subscriber’s decision to subscribe and they also point out to the subscriber that they are “well on their way to a happier and healthier life.”

They also include links that sends the viewer to certain landing pages that they designed to help increase the value the subscriber is receiving via email. This is a perfect example answering the question Why Are Consumer and Business Email Lists Important?

2) PayPal

Recently PayPal launched an email campaign to encourage their subscribers to use their feature “checkout with PayPal” whenever they see it online. They included the benefits of using that feature. The way they presented the benefits was laid out in an easy format for the reader to skim through quickly and learn all of the benefits instead of focusing on the details of the feature itself.

3) Netflix

Another great email marketing campaign is by none other than the streaming giant, Netflix. They are sending emails to subscribers that have not logged in for a little bit and are using dynamic content to personalize the emails. They have the ability to send these emails to the visitors that have not logged in and make suggestions based on their watch history.

Their campaign does not really have any copy in it, instead they have visuals to communicate their main message. The entire email looks appealing because it is not cluttered and it leaves the viewer with the feeling of wanting to go back to Netflix to spend more time there.

4) Uniqlo

With their email marketing campaign, Uniqlo shares a price change to subscribers that has liked a specific item. They have the email automated based on the activity on their viewers website using cookies. What makes this a brilliant campaign is that it is personalized to the viewer showing them what they were originally interested in and offering them the opportunity to save money.

The chances of the user completing their purchase are high as long as they have not purchased a similar item anywhere else.

5) Mint

This company lets their customers know that they are thinking about them on their birthday or anniversary. Their email is friendly and fun and best of all they do not ask the customer to do anything or buy anything but it keeps their Mint brand in their subscriber’s minds.

It is a simple email that you can automate and know that when your subscriber receives it you will put a smile on their face that day and it will make them feel more connected to your company as well.

6) Birchbox

Birchbox has been known for sending out great emails and recently they sent one showing a picture of a paper fortune teller game that reminds people of their childhood. The copy along with the image work perfectly together to engage the viewer and get them excited about what prize they might win.

Getting creative with images that will resonate with your audience is a great way to get them to click to your site and make a purchase for your products or services.

7) ModCloth

During their recent Halloween email campaign, ModCloth included pictures of some of their clothes for sale with fun wordplay in their copy. For example, “shop the boo-tique” and “shop bewitching dresses.”

Adding this play on words shows their subscribers that they are a fun brand, giving people the emotion that they do not want to miss out on their seasonal line.

8) The Hustle

Some of the best copy in an email is from The Hustle. In one of their welcome email campaigns they had very compelling copy that even though it looks long people tend to read through the entire copy. They take the time to let their subscribers know that they are honored to be trusted with their email and that they do not take it “lightly.”

They then go off to give a funny story of what happens in the office when you signed up for their emails. A key way to create confidence and a relationship with a customer is through laughter and their funny copy definitely creates an opportunity for the reader to laugh no matter where they are.

The Hustle also included a small CTA at the end of their email asking their subscribers to hit share on social media in order to see a video of their head of marketing (Greg) doing a pushup. Most people want to see this video so they will share and then email The Hustle proof that they shared – giving them more exposure to a new audience.

Ready to Put These Email Marketing Examples to Use?

We hope that now that you have our top list of email marketing examples from these companies you can make informed decisions as you create your next email marketing campaign.

Did you find this article helpful? Please keep browsing the rest of this section for our latest business tips and tricks.

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