The wedding season is back on track, and there is no denial of it. On the other hand, people who had been confined to their homes need to visit places to refresh their minds and get their life back on track. This is where newly wedded couples fulfill both categories. They had been confined to their home for months and now look for exotic locations to feed their travel bug for their honeymoon.

One such location that has always been underrated is Bhutan. Yes, our very own Bhutan! Situated at the heart of Sikkim, the location provides some picturesque, exotic places that are worth both your time and money. Want to know more? Let us dive into the best places to visit in Bhutan for your honeymoon.

  1. Taktsang Palphug Monastery, Paro

Popularly known as “Tiger’s Nest,” the Taktsang Palphug Monastery is a popular tourist hotspot that rules the internet. The monastery is built at the height of 3120 meters and dates back to 1692. What makes it unique is that the location is the cultural icon of Bhutan and hence comes on the internet or in magazines every once in a while. To add on top of it, the monastery is surrounded by lush green forests on all sides and is tough to reach. However, the visit to the site is worth the pain and hence could not be ignored at all.

  1. Punakha Dzong, Punakha

“The place of great happiness or bliss.” This is the translation of Punakha Dzong, a great place in Tibet that holds to its name. The location is hugely popular and has a massive historical story to tell. Built-in 1637, the place hosted innumerable events to celebrate the coronation ceremony of its kings. On the other hand, the site is an architectural marvel in itself and hence draws the attention of tourists all across the globe. To add on top of it, the confluence of the Do Chu and Mo Chu rivers makes it even more beautiful.

  1. Rinpung Dzong, Paro

Bhutan is known for its architecture, and what better place can be than Rinpung Dzong in Paro. The term “dzong” translates to “Fortress on a Heap of Jewel.” The Dzong houses 14 chapels and shrines, making it a popular tourist destination in the region. However, not many chapels or shrines are open for the visitors now, but the location and scenic beauty add to the place as of now, one could not ignore this place at all costs.

  1. Chele La, Paro

Located between Haa and Paro Valley in Bhutan, the high hills of Chele La are simply mesmerizing. The valley has been the epicenter of tourist attraction and is located at the height of 4000 meters above sea level. On the other hand, the location is a 36 km drive away from Paro Town, making it easily accessible. The pass separates the Paro valley from the Hara valley, while the snow-capped would not allow photographers to have a picture about the same.

  1. The Punakha Suspension Bridge

The next location on the list is the Punakha Suspension Bridge. The bridge is an engineering marvel that connects the mainland to Dzong and nearby villages. The bridge is 160 meters long and is considered one of the longest suspension bridges in Bhutan. As per the places to visit in the Bhutan list, Punakha reserves a special spot. The location served as the previous capital until the new capital was formed in Thimphu. The bridge provides a perfect location for pictures and hence could not be ignored at all costs.

  1. The National Museum, Paro

Bhutan has a rich tradition, and there is no denial of it. The artistic atmosphere with the blend of tradition in the modern world is what makes the place unique in its approach. The location contains some of the finest items that portray their art and culture. On the other hand, is situated above Paro Dzong, the location serves as the perfect place for families and kids to spend time with. If you are a traveler and have a camera, you could not afford to miss the exquisite shots.

  1. Jigme Dorji National Park, Gasa

The second-largest national park that stretches over 4316 square kilometers and is located on the height of 1400m to 7000m is the perfect place for every animal lover. The fauna of the location is second to none, and hence one could find animals like Bengal Tiger, Himalayan black bear, and Himalayan blue sheep. However, that’s not the end of it. The location is perfect for capturing pictures of some of the most exciting locations across the globe. From snow-cladded mountains to glaciers and whatnot, every item has its offering and is rated high in the bucket lists.

  1. Tashichho Dzong

The last location on the list is the Tashiccho Dzong. The place is an architectural wonder that currently serves as the house of the Throne room and the seat of the government. The place is commonly known as Thimphu Dzong that translates into “fortress of the glorious religion.”  The place is located on the edges of the west bank of Wangchuu river and forms a majestic view combined with the black, red, and golden woods in the backyard.

Concluding Remarks

When it comes to finding picturesque locations, Bhutan aces the game. There are tons of other places that make you fall in love with the location, and there is no stopping to it.