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8 Powerful Hacks For Creating Responsive Social Media Marketing Strategies

by Naveen Agarwal
8 Powerful Hacks For Creating Responsive Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social media marketing is the most IN form of marketing these days with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, youtube, and even TikTok and other such video creating apps becoming prime places for marketers to grab some eyeballs. Social media platforms have an immense number of users and ones that are quite active as well. Marketing at platforms like these is basically exposing yourself to the whole world hence increasing the chances of a very successful marketing run online. You can hire a social media marketing agency for online marketing. 

Anyone can market on social media but can you market successfully? Here are some really impactful hacks to create more interesting and engaging social media marketing strategies:

1. Jump On A Trend

There are loads of social media trends existing on different platforms that have become so popular due to the response and consumption of these by the users. Jumping on a trend like this and/or incorporating this trend in your marketing strategy or campaign, using trending hashtags or trending memes is a great way to create a very up to date and interesting marketing strategy that is sure to gather loads of response.

2. Keep Your Social Media Account Buzzing

A lot of marketing strategies involve posting on social media once a day making it a very monotonous routine rather than one that excites people to engage more with you. Hence, keeping your page buzzing with posts, stories, tweets, videos or just reposts will help create a page that will attract more users and hence increase your engagement.

Keep Your Social Media Account Buzzing

3. Interact With Your Followers And/Or Target Audience 

A lot of companies would have social media marketing strategies that target a particular set of people, it can be teens, youth, women, etc. To get more response from the chosen target audience, it is important to one, create marketing content that resonates with this audience and two, initiate interactions with them so they start interacting with you too. Interacting with them doesn’t mean dming them but rather creating polls, having open discussions, creating campaigns that let people participate or a challenge based on your product/company not only brings you more visibility, but it also makes your target audience more responsive to you.

4. Do Cross-Media Marketing 

Different social media pose different types of people and possible consumers for your brand/company. Hence a mix of marketing on different social media immediately puts you in touch with a large bunch of people. This may require different strategies for different social media like posts on Instagram, tweets, and threads on Twitter, or videos on other platforms but a combination of these can bring much more response than one can imagine. Even sharing links of your marketing posts from one social media to another is a great hack.

Do Cross-Media Marketing

5. Get Hashtagging 

Social media like Twitter and Instagram run a lot of hashtags. You would have seen a trending page on Twitter and Instagram posts with loads of hashtags making their way to your feed. Hashtags offer a lot of visibility and hence open doors for more people engaging and responding to your content. Hashtags are a great addition to your marketing strategies because it creates a sense of individuality for the brand/company as well as custom hashtags or campaigns lets people interact with you easily and more effectively.

6. Sponsor Yourself

Social media offers an option to sponsor your posts and make them reach a larger audience. Such posts end up getting loads of responses from users, even the ones who may not know about your brand/company but are exposed to you through a sponsored post. It immediately drives more traffic to your page and more engagement to your marketing campaign.

Sponsor Yourself

7. Follow For Follow, Like For Like, Share For Share

Marketing strategies require a bit of give and take at times. Offering a follow for follow or like for like or share for share on content made by others, can be a brand like you, a coexisting partner, or just a famous influencer, these tactics may make you follow, like, and share other people and their content but they also bring you more follows, likes and shares on your own hence expanding the scope for your campaign. Hence don’t hesitate to put that follow for follow, like for like and share for share hashtag on your posts, you may end up getting along with a very responsive set of people who can contribute to making your social media marketing a huge success.

8. Recycle And Reuse

It is completely okay to recycle and reuse your older content. Often seeing similar types of content can get people more invested and end up engaging with your campaign. That is a case if your content is excellent and recycling older content but paraphrasing and putting it out again in a newer more unique way can create a very responsive environment for your campaign. It lets out a message of creativity on your side and people may enjoy receiving the same information in different ways. Hence don’t hesitate to tweet the same thing you did last month or post the same Instagram post again. Yes, just give it a makeover and you are good to go.


These hacks can and will definitely make your social media marketing a joy ride and a success. While it may take time to set the base, social media is the hub for marketing and you will see yourself at the top very soon.

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