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9 Romantic Flowers and What They Mean

by Naveen Agarwal

When it comes to romance, flowers are a great way to express your feelings There’s something for everyone, from the classic roses and daisies to more unusual plants like orchids and calla lilies.  .

That’s why we’re here! In this article, we will cover 9 Romantic Flowers and What They Mean to help you find the perfect flower for any occasion.

Eight Romantic Flowers and Their Meaning

While roses and tulips have long been considered to be symbols of love – here are some other romantic flowers that can express your feelings, too!

1. Ranunculus

The swirly Ranunculus are also known as buttercups and come in pretty colours. They symbolize attractiveness, passion, and charm for centuries. Women have always loved being compared to this beautiful flower as it is so simple and elegant that it captures our attention without even trying. 

Ranunculus doesn’t represent deep emotions or longings, but it can be a great way to tell someone you are attracted to them and want to find out more about them. Just choose the right flower colour and make the first step.

2. Orchid

While Ancient Greeks considered orchids as a sign of virility and fertility, they were a symbol of luxury and elegance in the Victorian era. Today, these flowers are rare, and they symbolize love, beauty, luxury, and strength. They also send a message of seduction. 

Pink orchid is also traditionally given to a couple on their 14th wedding anniversary to show love and affection. If someone gives you these flowers, they are wilder than someone who buys a dozen roses. These flowers will also stay good for a long time – both in bouquets or in pots.

3. Peony

Pleasing to any heart and soul, Peonies literally translate to the most beautiful in Chinese. It is a symbol of love and is often seen on wedding bouquets. These beauties are meant explicitly for love at first sight or between two strangers. In Eastern cultures, it is also a symbol of wealth and honour.

Show your love by telling your significant other how much you think they are the most beautiful with a bunch of peonies. Peonies are available in varying shades of white, pink, and red. You can buy Peonies at https://flowercompany.ca/collections/love-and-romance

4. Carnation

These bright, ruffled blooms stand for the fascination with new love. These are generally used to represent softer forms of love instead of profound feelings. For example, lighter red shades of carnations are often used to convey admiration, where the darker shaded carnations express more profound sentiments of love and affection. 

White carnations are linked with purity and luck, while pink ones represent gratitude more than anything else. There’s only one note of caution – yellow carnations are for rejections and breakups. So that’s one colour you will have to skip when using carnations to express your love.

5. Gardenias

These fragrant exotic flowers signify purity and tenderness and connote deep old fashioned love, the one associated with secrecy. These mystical flowers are also associated with pure attraction, especially the white ones. 

Apart from a sign of love and respect, if a man buys you these, it’s likely that he values you intensely as Gardenias are pricey and are sold as single blooms. Apart from being pretty close to roses when it comes to their appearance, Gardenias are also known for large lush green leaves 

6. White Lilac

While the gorgeously fragrant lilacs bloom in several colours, the white ones mean pure, innocent love. Therefore they are also associated with the first love of your life. And for the same reason, in Victorian times, people gave lilacs to remind someone of their first love.

Lilacs also symbolize confidence and are excellent gifts for young lovers and friends. These flowers bloom in spring and can help you rejuvenate your bond of love, like the good old days.

7. Alstroemeria

People usually think that Alstroemeria is a flower of mutual support and friendship. These are simply perfect to say that you will help them through hard times in life and support them selflessly. 

But for the same reason, these Peruvian lilies have recently become a romantic flower – as these are the same virtues a couple shares in their relationship. The white Alstroemeria are incredibly well known as wedding flowers, and the red Alstroemeria is a fun way to confess your love instead of the regular roses.

8. Azalea

These beautiful flowers grow on shrubs and symbolize femininity and softness. 

Azalea also means abundance, especially of beauty or intelligence. However, funnily enough, they can also denote a death threat when sent in a black vase.

So these beauties will be an excellent choice for celebrating the women in your life. Or to tell someone that your relationship is still fragile and needs extra love and affection to blossom like these delicate shrub blossoms.


Freesia is one of the most popular and exotic flowers that stand for trusting your love. With its delicate petals and sweet smell, it is the perfect flower for a wedding or proposal. In addition to representing purity, it also symbolizes trust between couples, two of the essential traits in marriage.

Of all the colours, red freesias have the strongest scent, unlike other flower varieties. At the same time, pink freesias are more popular for wedding bouquets.

Wrapping Up!

If you feel a little bit romantic and want to show your sweetheart how much they mean to you, why not overwhelm them with one of these eight flowers? The gesture will surely touch them. 

Even if you don’t want to go out with them on that day just yet, maybe get some tulips or something for their desk at work? The opportunities are endless when it comes to giving gifts to show how much you care about somebody. So give them flowers this year and see if they’re ready for more than friendship too!

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