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A Beginner’s Guide To Designing A New Logo For Your Business

by Naveen Agarwal

A logo has a major impact on how your consumers and audiences perceive your business and brand. So, naturally, you would want your logo to be the best. But the question is how to get there?

This is where we come into action. We have come with this guide to help you out with your brand’s logo designing process. We have enumerated all the steps needed to create a logo that compliments your business and engages with your audiences.

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How To Design A Logo: Step-By-Step Guide

Designing a logo that embodies your brand’s virtue and goals helps your brand grow better. Hence, it is important that you follow the right steps to do it right. Here we have enumerated the necessary steps to go through for an effective and impactful logo design.

Step 1: Start With Your Story

Every brand and business is launched for the sake of making money. When a business is launched, it has to sell itself before selling the product and services. This can only be done with the help of a compelling story. And your logo needs to be part of that story. So start thinking of a logo design that complements your story.

Step 2: Do A Thorough Keyword Research

Now that you have a story, it is time for you to take your logo drafty into the settings. Look for keywords that best describe your story and can be effectively used for your logo. This process is one of the important phases of logo designing, as it is here that a logo starts taking shape.

Step 3: Sketch The Idea Encapsulating The Keyword

You have got both elements to start with your basic design. Grab your tools and start sketching a few raw designs of your logo. Do not force yourself to follow a template; let the design evolve on its own.

Step 4: Balance The Keyword With Your Buyers Persona

Once you have designed a few of the logos, select the top three logos. You do not have to think too much about the design; just go with the visually appealing logos. After all, that is what your audience is going to do.

Step 5: Refine Your Design

Now that you have finally selected a logo that you are ready to use for your business. Refine the design of the logo. To refine the logo, use the keyword you have selected for your brand.

Step 6: Develop Your Logo’s Layout

Now it’s time to get real with the logo design. Once you have completed your 2D design of the logo, it is time to create a digital logo that can be used for your business. Remember, your logo does not have to be symmetrical or aligned; just create one that best goes with your business.

Step 7: Pick The Right Color Palette

Colors are an important pillar to give life to your logo. Different colors have different meanings. The psychology behind the colors is complex; however, it can spark emotion in your customers if you can use the right color palette.

Step 8: Choose The Right Font

This is the phase where your text and imagery need to be combined properly. In fact, the choice of font you use can say many things about your business. To make your logo different from the others, stay away from generic fonts like Time New Roman, Calibri, Ariel, and Lucida.

Final Step: Ensure Scalability

You mustn’t forget that logos are an important part of

branding techniques

and are meant to represent your brand on multiple platforms. Hence, you need a logo that can be printed on a super large billboard and be on the side of the pen. While doing so, every part of your logo needs to be legible regardless of what size of the logo has been used.

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