A Complete Guide to Using PDFs

What do students and working professionals have in common?

Both are responsible for meeting deadlines and striving for their best. They also rely on digital tools to get their work done.

Portable document format files are one of many tools for the office and classroom. You know these tools as PDFs.

A PDF is a popular file format created by Adobe, the makers of Photoshop and Illustrator. PDFs have been around since the 90s and are still a go-to file format for managers, online teachers, HR staff, and more professionals.

Let’s get to know PDFs a little better.

Find a PDF Viewer

PDFs are easy to access, but you still need a viewer to see files. Thankfully, there are plenty of viewers online.

Your first option is to download a PDF viewer. There are both free and paid readers.

Many laptops and devices come with a PDF viewer installed. You can also download viewing programs directly from developer websites or app stores.

You don’t even have to download anything to view PDFs anymore. Use one of the many available online viewers. There are also browser extensions for opening PDF files.

Viewing PDFs is simple. If you have a program or extension installed, a PDF file will open automatically.

But what if you want to edit PDFs?

How to Edit PDFs

Like PDF viewers, there are several PDF editing programs. You can download a program, use a web-based version, or edit documents with an editing app on your phone.

Many office suite apps let you edit PDF files like regular documents too.

You can’t edit just any PDF file on the internet. You would need an admin’s permission to edit a PDF you didn’t create. Admins can also password-protect PDF files.

If you’re working on a team, the creator would need to grant you access to edit.

However, you can save most PDF files you discover online. You can also download PDF forms to fill out in separate PDF files. For example, many tax forms come as PDF files.

If you want to edit your own PDF, access the file from the “open” tab in your PDF program. Make any necessary changes and hit save. It may automatically save if you have autosave.

How to Create PDFs

There are many ways to create your own PDF file.

For example, you could save a document as a PDF file in your word processing program. You could also create a .doc file and use a program to convert the document to PDF. Some PDF programs convert everything from .jpg to TIFF files.

Do you need more advanced PDF creation features?

Some programs let you convert complex PDF C# files to HTML, an asset for software engineers.

Whatever your needs, you’re likely to find a PDF solution to match.

Enjoy the Benefits of PDFs

How can PDFs benefit your studies or career?

PDF files are ideal for presenting reports, essays, case studies, manuals, and more.

Explore different programs and discover what PDFs can really do. Visit the blog to find even more tips for mastering your skills.