by Naveen Agarwal
Bath Towels

Bath towels are an essential part of one’s toiletries. Found in every single household, it is one that one least cares about while buying. That should not be the case. People use the same Bath Towels for years without knowing the dangers of using the same towel for an extended period. One also never cares to look up the essential aspects that make a towel perfect for daily use. It is necessary to have awareness about these to make a valuable purchase. That is the idea of this article too.

To provide the consumers with a better idea about the things one must look for while buying a wiper. Here they are:


The first and foremost thing that one must inspect while buying towels is the raw material. The best quality towels are those that use 100 per cent cotton. It might seem like a small detail, but it matters the most as this single factor affects the towel’s comfort, absorbability, and longevity.

One must not compromise on products like these as they affect one’s day to day life. Buy only products that have the branding of a hundred per cent cotton. It might be a few dollars more expensive than the normal one but is a better option when considering the advantages it provides.


A comfortable towel can make a tremendous impact on one’s experience of bathing. People might ask how to test the comfort of the towel? It is pretty simple. Rub the towel over the arm if it glides without any friction, then the product will be comfortable. But if it takes a bit of force to rub it over the arm, it means the wiper, not the best option.

One must also consider the finish a good towel has a lot of small projections to provide better absorption. If the cloth is too plain, it will wear out quickly and will be uncomfortable to use. It is easy to distinguish between a good & a poor towel by this method. It is also easy for any consumer to use.


The basic need for a towel is to absorb water. All towels can do that but what makes a great towel is the duration it takes. A good towel takes up water as it comes in contact with it. One must also be able to squeeze the water out of it and reuse it instantly. Cotton has Hydrophilic property due to its unique structure that makes it an excellent absorbent. That is why it is essential to go for a towel made out of cotton.

Low-quality towels often tend to have synthetic fibres like nylon or rayon mixed along with cotton to keep the price down. One has to avoid such towels as such synthetic fibres drastically reduce the absorbing property of cotton. Thus, It is always better to go for the cotton one.


Nobody buys Bath towels at the same frequency as one buys toilet paper. One obtains a towel hoping it would last them for a few years. To get a long life, the buyer must first never buy towels that contain synthetic fibres. Two, one must follow the proper washing procedure. Towels need to be washed and dried well. It is necessary to avoid putting them along with dresses containing metal parts as they break the threads. The best way to towels is by putting all of it at a time. One must restrain from adding any other clothes along with it. It makes sure that the threads are not damaged. It also prevents discolouring of the towels.

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