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All You Need To Know About Ceramic Coating

by Naveen Agarwal
Ceramic coating

Ceramic coating has gained a lot of popularity and traction in the detailing world in the past few years, with new products releasing every now and then. However, even till now not many people are aware of what ceramic coating is and why should you consider applying on your vehicle? Is ceramic coating really worth the price and effort? Here is a detailed explanation for you:

Ceramic coating is a protective liquid polymer material applied to the exterior of a car. It is a liquid coating made of ceramic nano-particles which are held in a clear resin which when applied hardens to a waterproof surface which is chemically stuck to the car it is applied to.

It is tricky to apply it, but when applied perfectly, it will not delaminate or fall off the surface it has been applied to. It is semi-permanent in nature so it will always be there till it gets fully abraded from the surface. Once cured, it has insanely water repellent properties and is highly resistant to abrasion and chemicals. It also enhances the paint gloss level of the car and blocks UV rays from fading the paint. All in all, it works as a second layer of skin for your car.

Why Should You Apply Ceramic Coating To Your Car?

Car Paint Safety

A ceramic coating offers a sturdy, robust and protective surface to your car which obstructs all foreign matter and prevents them from damaging the paint of the car. The damage includes accidental scratches, dirt, grime, any kind of contaminants etc. it also ensures that the original coating of the car remains intact and nothing causes any harm to it.

Ceramic Coating Lasts More Than Waxes And Sealants

Car ceramic coating is more than an ordinary paint job done for the protection of the vehicle’s surface. The coating is bonded to the surface of the car and it cannot be dislodged by any external force. Vehicle coating like waxes and sealants depreciate with time when exposed to weather and other things. Nano-coating on the contrary lasts for years.

Ceramic Coated Cars Remain Cleaner For A Larger Time Period

Ceramic coating functions at the most basic level and ensures that the coating offers a smooth and even car surface. It means that even if dirt comes on the coating, it will have no place to stick to and roll off the body. This is why most of the contaminants fall off the car and leave the car cleaner for a longer period.

Wipes Out The Need For Car Wax

Ceramic coating wipes out the need for regular wax and sealant coatings on your car’s paint. Once applied well, it offers protection and keeps the original car paint secure for a long time. The coating lasts more than any wax and is scratch and mar-proof. It makes it simple for you to clean the car because of its hydrophobic effects.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of ceramic coating, you should definitely get it applied on your car as it is definitely worth every penny spent.

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