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Android 11 Features Impact Mobile Applications

by Robert David
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Android 10 was seemed to be a growth treatment & maturity graph treatment that can be taken out from Google. Android 10 was a great shift in the environment of OS for Google. Similar principles can be carried out by the developer preview of Android 11. Although we are only some months away from playing over the final build, a current preview of a developer seems to be a sufficient peek in which Google wants to take out the operating system. Majority businesses and enterprises strive hard to develop their business presence in the App Store sequentially among which only a few of them are successful. In order to obtain your strong clarity in a mobile store, you need to have such enticing features in your app to transform visitors into prospective customers. Must choose the best mobile app development company in USA from whom you can avail top-notch services to develop a different image in Mobile Application Development.

Features Set of Android 11

  • One time permission
  • Various screen types adaptation
  • Various messaging improvements
  • 5G preparations
  • Built-in screen recorder.

1. One-Time Permission

The eBay thing about Android 10 is how application permissions are getting handled. Android 10 gave lots of control over the applications and users can also handle the access of the application and this trained keeps rolling by Android 11. Currently, when an application asks for the user permission to use intricate features, users can also grant access on a real time basis. This application will also use permission at a time of application use and at the time of app quit, permission will get revoked.

2. Various Screen Type’s Adaptation

The term foldable devices are the one space for which it has been stated that this is a true advancement in the ecosystem of Android. The 2020 year is going to be proof of the lots of additive features in the market of foldable Smartphone and all of they are running with the various screen resolutions or sizes. The operating system 11 has been mainly developed to run on foldable type devices effectively. Hence, marketing is going on to start working over foldable Smartphone’s and app development.

3. Various Messaging Improvements

Lots of improvements have been taken out to enhance the messaging experience of the user on Android. Some of the major upgrades have been discussed below:

  • With the concept of Android 11, it seems to be possible to share the images during the message replying from notifications.
  • Chat bubbles: This feature of Android 11 hides all the processes conversations in the little form of bubbles on-screen side. Users can also remove these bubbles & tap them in order to reveal the particular conversations.
  • In order to make the process of getting real-time messages, a new feature is introduced by Android 11 for a dedicated section of conversation in the shade of notifications which offer instant access for ongoing conversations.

4. 5G Preparations

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5G has come in the news from last year – second half and 2020year, due to corona virus pandemic, its affect the various technologies & industries. In order to provide smooth processing, Android 11 add the new or important feature of “Dynamic Meterdness API”. This will allow the Smartphone users to take the advantage of 5G set. Once API detects that users are connected with unlimited 5G, then the user will also able to access the possible graphics & good quality video.

5. Built-in Screen Recorder.

The user of Android has been waiting that Google will incorporate built in screen recorder. Although, there is a chance to cover the daily need by using a basic function. The update in Android 11 change this issue, developer preview 2 show a screen recorder that is accompanied by extremely polished user interface & toggle for audio recording & touch.

Importance of Migrating Apps Towards Android 11

The developer preview documentation for Android 11 has been mainly divided into three categories: features of privacy, APIs & new features, and Behaviour changes. There are some pointers discussed below that impact the performance of applications.

1. Stats of App Usage Remain Private

For better user data protection, Android 11 will also store the usage statistics of the user’s app in the appropriate credential encrypted type storage. Hence, neither any application nor any system can access the appropriate data unless coding work has been done that is mainly dependent on two terms:

  • Users can switch accounts on a single device.
  • Users will also unlock the devices at the first attempt after the start-up of the system.

2. High App Process Clarity

Android 11 also introduced the latest feature which can report out the current process terminations that can be generated. The owners of the app will not able to collect all the information over crash diagnostics whether a process is approx got terminated due to the issue with memory & ANRs.

3. User can Restrict at a Time of Appearance of Permission Dialog

Android 11 repeated the request for the one-time permission. If a user will click twice on “Deny”, this will imply that “Don’t ask again”. This feature will help in order to get a clear view of the marketing methods.

4. Low Redundancy of Data

This involves the playback of media or machine learning; it might be possible that the application will use a similar dataset on other applications. In old android versions, you have to download another data set copy for every application.

5. High Support for the Applications of Neural Network

Android 11 provides benefits to applications that are mainly related to neural networks & machine learning. With the latest API 1.3 neural networks, android showing efforts to make the applications smooth or reliable based on Machine learning.

6. Benefit from 5G Infrastructure

5G brings out the huge benefits to the mobile apps. Along with this, android 11 is also extending the support to businesses, industries, technology, and provide benefits such as enhancing the speed, rapid file sharing, latency is zero, and many more.

7. Expand the APK Installation Increment

Installation of huge APKs on the specific devices mainly takes a long time, even though you make small changes. Google introduced the incremental of APK installation in Android 11. It also helps with accelerates the installation process.

In the bottom line

The time between the launch of the operating system & the time when various industries start preparing for the different applications seems to be effective. In the general aspect, companies that end up taking a huge time in order to make the next update to their app tends to suffer several consequences. We at Mtoag already started pursuing the document of the developer preview for Android 11 & also conduct the testing for the applications. It means that we have android developers who are ready to bring your particular application to the touch of Android 11.

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