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Android Game Vs iOS Game Development – What Should A Developer Choose

by Naveen Agarwal
Android Game Vs iOS Game Development - What Should A Developer Choose

The field of mobile game development offers a lot of opportunities for both customers and professionals. Before you entrust the development of your project to any team, you should learn more about the pros and cons of each platform. Which operating system is the best for mobile gaming? The industry is huge, with over one billion people playing a game on their smartphone at least once in 2020. In this article, you will learn about all the nuances, advantages and disadvantages of both platforms.

iOS Vs Android

Game developers often release their games to the Apple App Store before they become available on Android. Super Mario Run is one example such as Alto’s Adventure, The Room 3, Prune and many more. But that was true until 2018. Then Android technology has improved dramatically. Their devices began to surpass the latest iPhones in some parameters. This was used by KevuruGames – android game development company. The team started running simultaneous releases of the same game on both platforms. And seeing the quality of development and implementation, many customers reoriented to Android.

What should a startup choose?

If you are a small company and the success of your entire business depends on the release of the game, we recommend running it on both platforms simultaneously. It often happens that at the initial stages, the budget is severely cut. In this case, pay attention to the iOS audience. Experience shows that iOS users spend significantly more money on apps than Android users. Some numbers say 33 percent more. These higher costs have allowed Apple to pay out over $ 25 billion to developers. If the release is successful, the costs will pay off quickly. In this case, you will be able to successfully launch the Android version in just a few months.

Where is development easier?

How many iOS devices does Apple actively support at any given time? Probably no more than five or six. Now let’s see how many Android devices are in circulation. In 2020, Google announced that there are over 18,000 competing Android devices available worldwide. Each of the 18,000 Android devices has different hardware, different screen sizes, and different button combinations. Worst of all, the nature of Android means that the underlying operating systems change sometimes. This should all mean that swift developers can rub their hands together. But everything is not so simple.

80% of the Android market is occupied by the latest operating system and four screen formats that do not affect the code, only the product design. By the way, it has long been customary to make design adaptive. This is considered a good form of design. What is the difficulty of coding for Android now? In fact, the complexity is about the same for both platforms. Both in that and in the other area is full of good specialists. Some generalists’ programmers can easily make a cross-platform game for you.

Consistent user experience

If you buy a game on iOS, you can rest assured that it will work flawlessly on any other Apple mobile device you own. You can also rest assured that this will work on future devices when you decide to update your gadget. This statement is true if you have not used an iPhone for more than three years. The company simply stops supporting earlier versions. You can call. But since OS updates do not come out, it means that any installed game will be updated incorrectly or will not be updated at all.

For Android, the situation is not fundamentally different. Of course, games from the world’s largest developers work with huge teams to make sure they work as expected, but independent games can experience unpredictable behavior. This problem is especially common on low-cost, low-cost phones.

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