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Are There Any Dangers of Downloading Files From The Internet

by Naveen Agarwal

‘The best things in life are free.’

We don’t know how many of you agree with this saying, but this is definitely not the case while downloading files from the internet.

For example, when you try to download a movie or a game from ipiratebay, you won’t know what the file contains unless you open it on your device. If that file contains a virus, it will infect your system and hamper its performance noticeably.

However, if you download the files once you know the possible dangers they may possess, you can fight those battles.

Hence, keep on scrolling down, and learn all about the possible dangers of downloading free files from the internet.

Dangers of Downloading Files From The Internet

When you download files from the internet for free, you don’t give it a second thought that how the site is, that you are downloading from. You don’t even care if the file you are downloading is safe or not.

Let’s find out the dangers of downloading files from the internet;

1: Virus Attack

Computer viruses are laced with malware, so your system may become infected with malware threats when you download files from the internet. In addition, these viruses can be easily deployed in your system.
When they enter your computer, they replicate themselves. Now, you may understand why you see two files with the same name, and when you try to open them, one of them doesn’t respond.

If too many viruses enter your computer, it may hamper your existing files. Therefore, you should have a safe backup of those files before downloading a new file from the internet.

2: Spyware

Spyware is a bug that hackers send to the host computer to collect data. While viruses and malware come from unsolicited sites, spyware comes from reputed websites.

That means there is no way you can safeguard your computer. However, it may not be as dangerous as malware.

When hackers send spyware to your computer, they are simply trying to track your software usage. On the other hand, spyware can also breach your security layers, which hackers may take advantage of.

3: Adware

Adware is one kind of malware that imposes unwanted advertisements on users. For example, you may get constant promotions from offensive websites like scareware or pornographic sites if you have adware.

Adware also sends warning alerts to your PC and threatens you that your computer is infected with the virus. Then, it forces you to buy software if you don’t want your system to crash.

Even if you buy it, the software won’t work. It is a random trick of hackers to exploit you for money.

4: Legal Consequences

Downloading copyright-protected and pirated content is a criminal and federal offense. It means, if someone catches you downloading or uploading such files, you may even be sent to jail or be financially penalized.

For example, when you download copyright-protected movies from torrenting sites, you don’t bother if that file is legal or not. However, some countries consider it a serious criminal offense.

Hence, if your ISP catches you and reports you to the authorities, they may charge you a hefty price.

5: Hacking Issues

Last but not least, if you keep on downloading free files frequently from the internet without using a VPN or antivirus software, you are leaving your system vulnerable to hacking.

We know what you are thinking. All the dangers we have mentioned so far are also somehow related to hacking. Well, they are, but that is not mandatory.

However, if you keep downloading free files from the internet without using any sort of protection, hackers will easily breach your firewall. If they do that, they will have access to all your personal details (bank account details, photos, chats) and will ask for ransom in exchange for keeping that information safe.

Concluding Thoughts

We know you did not have any idea of so many dangers of downloading files from the internet. However, if you still want to enjoy the benefit of free files, you can continue doing so. Just install an antivirus, and scan the file you download before opening them.

Do you want to know anything else about it? Don’t hesitate to ask us in the comment section. We will get back to you with an answer in no time.

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