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Are Your Data And Browsing Safe? A Detailed Expressvpn Review

by Naveen Agarwal

We live in a world where everything is working on a superbly fast-pace. It becomes our responsibility to be a part of this quick digital era and move with the same speed. In the same hustle and bustle, we forget that we need a lot of precautions to keep ourselves safe. It is not the time when people had to jump through your walls to steal your property. It is the rule of information, nowadays. And, you can say digitalization has paved the way for it. If someone steals your information, it means everything is at stake.

With every passing day, the threats to online data are rising. But not just that, the myths about security tools are also at their peak. For instance, VPN protects your data online but what happens when we hear people finding VPNs not secure. Such a sense of mistrust in everything!

ExpressVPN is one of the most famous VPNs having quite a number of users. Thus, we composed this ExpressVPN review to give you the truth about the myths hovering around. You deserve to be satisfied working digitally. So, here is the truth about its features and to what extent they are secure.

Our Verdict

We will be clear to you at the very start. Examining its working and user experience, we have found that this VPN has made every effort to make sure that the security of its users remains intact. Moreover, it is one of the most efficient ones of its kind. So, you can call the allegations you have read about it a myth. There are many reasons for it. And this ExpressVPN review will make everything clear before you. So, read this succinct article that is composed to bring the best to your knowledge.   

A No Logging Policy

What is it?

You must have heard people or certain news telling about the VPN providers’ data logging. This means they use the data that you enter in the VPN to share with any third party for money or to give it to government institutes. Unfortunately, they are based on some true cases. In fact, certain states made it a rule that data would be shared with the government by the VPN providers.

However, with ExpressVPN, you can stay free of any such worries. It has a strict policy called ‘No Logging’ that does not allow even the service providers to access or use the data you are entering. The information you enter is important to get you the proper features of a VPN. But, apart from that, there is no purpose it is keeping your information. Also, it does not keep a track of your browsing or any kind of usage history that other VPNs allegedly do.

A High-Level Encryption 

Have you ever heard about the types of encryption? It is fine if you have not. Different types of encryptions provide a different extent of security to your data, browsing, or any other activity through a specific platform. AES256 encryption is the one that high-security institutes like the Central Investigation Agency of the USA and other intelligence institutions use.

And guess what? The good news for you is that ExpressVPN provides you with that encryption service. So, what’s the worry? Any digital activity that you have done through this VPN is secure and remains with you and the person you have done it with if any.

High Efficiency

Different ExpressVPN reviews might have told you other things. But, based upon our first-hand experience of using it, we have found it provides the best of speeds any VPN would be providing. So, if you ask us, it is a big yes when it comes to the working efficiency of this software. Whether it is about downloading, browsing, uploading, or file sharing, you will find it works better than expected.

Moreover, it provides thousands of servers across the world to operate. Thus, there remains no problem even in file sharing from two different parts of the world.

Above all, the smartest thing about this VPN is its location. British Virgin Islands is a place where no government policy exists that demands users’ data or information from the VPN providers. Thus, it has got you covered completely.

Browse safely!

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