AR for technician services

Augmented reality is an interactive enhanced technology that is built to give a real-world experience to the user. The technology is curated in a way that it forms coordination between that auditory, visual, haptic, somatosensory, and olfactory senses altogether, giving a real-world experience digitally. From forming CGI-based characters on screen to viewing how furniture would look at a place through our smartphones, AR has made all this possible. It is often misunderstood as Virtual Reality which is a similar concept but a level higher. In this modern era, Augmented Reality can be easily accessed through our smartphones. There are applications curated in a way that bounds to be useful in our day-to-day lives.

AR-dependent applications provide us with several benefits such as superimposing images, showing real-time directions, inserting labels, changing colours. It has been used in several games over the years and has been into further innovation since 2016. AR is now used in fields such as training, education, entertainment, marketing, retail services.  AR for technician services has emerged as a drastic change to us as consumers as well as for businesses. It has opened doors to several opportunities for the businesses and how they can expand their customer base and gain profit.

So, how are businesses going to implement the ways of Augmented Reality? This article tells you exactly that.

Some Businesses still use chat support and E-mails as their way of interaction with their customers. Usually, the problems that are faced by the customer are hard to understand by the team, or the overall description of the issue may not be clear to the agent appointed. Introduction of Augmented Reality solutions such as Holoportation can be implemented to find real-time solutions to the problems without any hassles.

AR for technical support features the following services:

  1. Single source of truth – This feature enables the business to provide a single source of information. This helps in a better way of decision making even for the employees as it can be done based on the same data. This gives an Omni channel consistency to the business and also helps in building trust with its consumers.
  2. Fast Access to information – A feature of smart automated tagging of data helps in finding the information faster. Easy Discoverability of information aids in time efficiency and saves labour cost. The AR is an accurate and reliable resource.
  3. Instant actionable answers – delivery of consistent and suitable solutions can be provided to the costumers easily using AR. The technology helps in making quick decisions and actively helping the users.
  4. Stay Updated with knowledge – Traditional ways of action do not provide the outcome required for modern ways of functioning. Transformation of knowledge or information into actionable answers is important. Staying updated with the help of a centralized system is made possible with AR.
  5. Chat-bot interactions – An auto-generated computerized way of interacting with the customers has been useful. It provides an accurate solution each time. The chat-bots are useful because they can be set-up for interactions with the customers 24/7. The manual technicians can be allotted for other tasks and the basic FAQs can be easily solved by the chat-bots.
  6. On-board learning made faster – The agent allotted can go through the efficient knowledge tools that are easily accessible. This is helpful because the agent can level up and increase its time efficiency to provide full use of resources.

Customer engagement can be increased with the help of Augmented Reality. However, two channels can be opted for depending upon the businesses, to contact their customers.

– Digital channel – Includes Mobile/smartphone, web, chat. It provides a self-service management system. The customer can use a chat-bot or any other alternative to solve problems on its own. The query is solved by simply going through the website, application, or interaction with chat-bot using Robotic Processed Automation.

– Assisted channel – Includes contract centres with knowledge of the base management software. Using the knowledge-based management software enables the centres to identify the information and further make productive decisions. The navigation tools enable easier discovery of information. On-field guidance is provided to the customers based on the information.

This type of automation has provided benefits in the business by increasing customer support. It has helped in the reduction of the hold time average, support costs have been reduced, on-boarding of employees has become faster, chat-bot efficiency has increased over the years, improvements in Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) and NPS has also been observed.

Some solutions provided by tech-support AR systems –

– Knowledge base: A single repository can be maintained to manage the documents and policies. Dynamic FAQs and long-tail articles can be generated without hassles.

– Management: Quiz and Learning management can be used to improve interactions with the customer base. Regular updates can be sent using texts, videos, links, HTML. A regular check on employee knowledge can be carried out using assessments.

– Self-service Modules: chat-bots can be trained according to the requirements of the business. In-app support can be enhanced and a support page can be set up, all according to the requirements.

– Troubleshooting guides: A how-to guide, showcasing a step-by-step visual aid for problem-solving enabling digital adoption is provided which helps in a faster solving to problems faced.

– Decision trees: Implementation of the processes can be carried out in a guided and accurate resolution. The workflow can be maintained to ensure the smooth functioning of the system.

Augmented Reality has been implemented in knowledge-based management software helping businesses to grow digitally with a lot more efficiency which would not have been possible before. It is a seamless, secure, and verified alternative for technical support required for the enhancement of businesses. Industries such as banking, healthcare, insurance, travel, media, retail stores, and many more have all opted for this alternative. Augmented Reality in customer Service Company has helped in the improvement of customer satisfaction and provided with 100% efficiency. It is something all businesses should opt for to move with time and increase expectations and targets overall!