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Benefits of LinkedIn Marketing For Your Business

by Devin Jones

There are very few social media platforms that offer various types of benefits for its users. And then there are also platforms which can be used for only one task-sharing of posts or content. Although Instagram is becoming popular for sharing advertisements for businesses, it can be used only up to a certain level. Consider the same with marketing on LinkedIn. This platform has proved successful for B2B marketing companies. The number of users has crossed 260 million. Also, in recent times, every professional with a reputation considers it worthy to have a LinkedIn Account. The most important aspect, many decision-makers of companies starting from small to medium businesses to large conglomerates also have registered their profiles on this platform. In this article, let us focus on the benefits of LinkedIn Marketing.

As per a survey, more than fifty percent of the companies have gained good leads via LinkedIn after 2010. More than ninety percent of marketers have verified that this platform can be used as an excellent marketing tool for generating leads. Also, LinkedIn has become a trusted source for companies who are recruiting professionals. Just imagine a situation. If you are an HR in a reputed company, will you not prefer seeing a resume with a LinkedIn Profile?

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Benefits of LinkedIn Marketing

1. Target Audience

The platform is perfect as per the words it specifies in English – getting members connected as per the requirements. In LinkedIn, professionals can enhance their brand & reputation. The entire scenario has been designed to project a professional get-up.

Target Audience

It has been found, many businesses announce the introduction of products via LinkedIn than other popular platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter. If you want a ROI for your business, then this platform is the one you need to focus on, to sustain in the market.

3. Reputation

In LinkedIn, you will not only get recognition but also feted for your accomplishment. In your profile, there is a section called Accomplishments or Certifications, and you can make a list of courses that you have passed. You can also ask for recommendations from your Seniors or Distinguished persons in the industry.


Your target audience is already available and so, you can build trust among your industry peers. So, if you are an entrepreneur, you can build a group of loyalist customers in this platform. Also, it is easy to get connected with the best business minds on LinkedIn.

3. Optimization in your LinkedIn Account

Now, every business is thinking of making their website optimized as per the keywords used in Voice Search software on mobiles. The same applies for your LinkedIn profile. You need to fully optimize the profile of your company page with relevant keywords of business products and services.

Optimization in your LinkedIn Account

The posts should contain call-to-action keywords to promote comments and shares by the audience. Please note your profile page in LinkedIn acts as a representation of your company. So, your digital marketing team should take care while posting the content.

4. Competitors

It is a tough world to share your products/services online and even tough is the ability to bring more visibility on the company in any industry. There are international brands and companies with decades of experience. So, if you are a new company that wants to create an impact, then your LinkedIn profile page should contain a good description that can make you stand out from the others. Yes, even the Mission, Vision, and Values also matter.

You can ask your content writing team to write compelling stories, ask the graphic team to design a relevant infographic with proper colors and content.

5. Introduction of Your New Services or Products

Why do you follow the Flipkart or Amazon LinkedIn Page? To get knowledge about discounts, the festival offers, information about the latest products, etc. This platform acts as the best marketing tool when it comes to releasing new products or services.

Introduction of your New services or Products

How will you build recognition and make your products/services more visible? It is true, the graphic designer can create the best images and post on every social media. But behold, it is only in LinkedIn, your new products/services will become more visible.

6. Finding Candidates For Your Team

You are the owner of a digital marketing company that offers services to Indian/International clients. You are on the lookout for a full stack web developer for your team. Post the requirements on the right image with the contact number and email, and you will get applications by the dozen. There is no need for contacting consultancies.
Finding Candidates for your Team

7. Join LinkedIn Groups

To make your company gain more exposure in the industry, it is wise to join groups that had high traffic. Then, you will be able to gain knowledge of the recent trends and goals you have to achieve.

8. Industry Professionals

You can connect not only with peers in your industry but also with reputed professionals from other sectors. You just need to be careful about the words, sentences, and be active on LinkedIn. Keeping your customers engaged is a sure way of building rapport. You can start a discussion on recent technology developments in the industry, or conduct a poll. You can also participate in other discussions and bring visibility to your company profile.

9. Traffic

It is a waste if you have not linked your Company website in your LinkedIn Page. Please note, many prefer to browse or comment on their social media platforms via their mobiles. Ensure your website is mobile responsive.

10. Paid Marketing

If you have kept aside a perfect budget, then make use of LinkedIn Ads for marketing purposes to reach more number of people.


We hope this article has thrown enough light on the benefits of LinkedIn Marketing. Yes, social media is the most happening form of marketing, and LinkedIn is one of the most preferred platforms for businesses to make their products and services visible to the target audience. Imagine, you are an entrepreneur and have started a new eCommerce website. You are also a Full Stack Web Developer and can handle any kind of technical problem. The only factor is marketing. You think of hiring a digital marketing company which can handle the best campaigns and give results. You ask them to concentrate specifically on LinkedIn than any other platform, because that is where you can see the results. So, you have a discussion with the digital team, set up a marketing strategy and then implement the plan of posting in LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Within few months, you get to see excellent results.

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