Patio Doors Over Garden

Usually homeowners replace their windows and doors, when planning a renovation project. And most of the time, it is doors at the back of your house. While the entry doors are all about security and protection, you have some options when you are replacing your back doors. The two common choices for large openings are the patio door and garden door. Usually comes sell and install both but most of them recommend patio doors as a more convenient and practical option. Some of the reasons why patio doors are better than garden doors are given below:

Energy Efficiency

The major reason why consultants prefer patio doors is because of their energy efficacy. Usually a vinyl sliding patio door looks like an oversized window. It is decked with standard specs and potential add-ons which feature energy efficient technology. Common to custom windows, patio doors can be designed with double or triple pane options and low-e coatings for protection against UV.

Garden doors are made of wood and steel and they tend to lose heat more quickly than vinyl. You cannot make them in triple pane option and hence they are not as energy efficient as patio doors.


You may be renovating the opening at the back of your house to increase natural light. This is where patio doors excel. Because of their design, sliding doors offer maximum glass surface which offers an unobstructed view of your backyard. There is no hindrance to light too.

The steel and wood design of garden doors do not have much space for glass. Hence, you may have limited view and light coming from your backyard.

Physical Space

Often homeowners when getting a garden door fail to consider how it will interact with their deck. Patio doors offer maximum space because they slide and don’t open outwards. Thus, it keeps full control of your deck without using the space.


Another thing which makes patio doors better than the garden doors are the unique safety features which come along with this option. While garden doors just have one lock, the sliding patio doors offer additional security bar along with kick locks to avoid any intrusion. This makes patio doors a securer option for your backyard. It is a triple-tier protection.

Of course garden doors come with their own set of benefits. Some of them are:

  • Garden doors are better in looks and are more appealing from the outside. For those who wish to create a rustic look for their house, they can go for it.
  • Double garden doors are a better option to move furniture or appliances.
  • Garden doors can be customized with specific glass type or privacy options.

When you are looking forward to replace your doors and windows, then make sure you consider factors like energy efficacy, light, safety and physical space which they may take. When you plan properly for the replacement, you will end up choosing the right product for your house. Window Mart is your one-stop solution to get the best patio doors for your backyard. Check out the collection and get your old door replaced now.