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Among the most relevant applications on your computer are file manager applications. You can search your documents with them, locate your downloads, handle your data storage, transfer stuff around, as well as a lot more.

Not everybody is very keen on sorting files since it can be extremely tedious, but it must always be done sometimes. Here are the best Android’s file explorer and manager applications that will ease down your workload and manage your documentation in a straightforward way.

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Relatively talking, Amaze File Manager is a completely new application and it is pretty spectacular. It’s free software and emphasizes simpler activity for those who only have to do some quick file surfing.

Material Architecture, SMB file transfer, a built-in software administrator to uninstall programmes, root scanner, and more are included. It helps administrators to include the most significant items without getting bloated.

If you want to assist finance growth, it’s available for free installation and use with available in-app purchases.


Astro is one of the earliest file manager applications for Android. And over decades, it has had its highs and lows. It’s still been a solid decision, though. SD card help, cloud storage assistance, data compression, app synchronization, and folder extraction assistance (ZIP and RAR) are a few of the functions.

You also get a nice-looking UI for material creation and easy use. With no advertising, it is also completely free. If you’d like to try the new updates more easily, Metago, the creator, still has a beta version.


A fine, simple web browser is Cx Web Explorer. It has a relatively new UI, all of the fundamentals, including support for multiple shared database servers (FTP, SMB, etc.) including cloud storage providers.

In specific, we like areas of the interface where you can conveniently access items including your SD card, primary storage, and directories to copy or access network drives quickly. It even requires an app developer and it seems to be running okay.

It’s not the most effective on the chart, but also with no in-app buyers or advertising, it’s certainly among the biggest free file explorers.


Generally, FX File Explorer is a modern file manager. It consists of all the normal characteristics. That involves different media and files functionality, screen sharing help, data storage aid such as FTP, and perhaps even coded archived file assistance.

That’s a lot to process in, but practically it is done by FX Explorer. You also get a script editor which deals with less common things like GZip, and 7zip to boost the folder.


One of the latest file managers on the chart is MiXplorer Silver. The collection of functionalities is quite interesting. You receive the usual stuff, such as file searching, folder help, cloud storage assistance, as well as an HTML viewer.

There are also several niche functions, which include help for EPub, MobiPlacket, with PDF browsers, including file encryption. A handful of plugins are indeed available that provide much more features if desired.

Therefore, you can get the backup plugin and miss the PDF plugin if you require more archive help and much less PDF aid. The software does not have a free app, but ensure you download it and also that you enjoy it prior the refund period runs out.


For a long period of time, Root Explorer, a file manager app, has been a favourite of root customers. It’s not the application with the most futuristic look, but it gets regular updates. Such improvements offer a modern interface, more functionality, and greater reliability than its early incarnations.

To do whatever you wish, you will have unalloyed root access (provided your computer is rooted). This involves fun resources such as an APK binary XML display, the capacity to modify the holder or category of a file, help for MD5, and more. A free edition, simply called Explorer, exists. It’s just for standard use, though.


In prominence, Strong Explorer has been expanding and it is clear to see why. Material Creation, cloud compatibility, root access, assistance for FTP, SFTP, SMB, and repository and compressed support, assistance for Chromecast, and also theme alternatives are open.

This is the complete maximum bound on how many attributes can be used in a data manager application prior it can be deemed overloaded. For a period of a few weeks, you can check it out for free. Afterwards, it costs $1.99. This is among the one which we first suggest.


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