by James Vinse

Music is a sure shot get away from the busy routines of our daily boring lives. We believe everyone has a preferred taste in music. And everyone likes listening to music no matter what age they are. With the advent of smartphones, every individual can listen their favourite songs without even disturbing the person right next to them.

This has become possible with earphones. You just need to plug them in your ears and you are totally in your personal space without even creating discomfort for others.

Not only just listening music but you can manage your calls from the earphones only. And presently the market is filled with latest wireless Bluetooth earphones that are more convenient to use and carry around. Apart from this you also have the option of truly wireless earphones that are known as earbuds. Just like earbuds they fit into your ears and can be connected with phone through Bluetooth. You get rid of those tangling wires as well.

There are gazillion models of earphones available in market. Some of the best brands to be named are Boat, Boult, Noise, Mivi, all these brands are made in India. They are home grown brands that have gained huge popularity in manufacturing best Bluetooth earphones with unbeatable experience at an affordable rate for the users. There are brands like Redmi, Realme, Apple, Oppo that also have some amazing models.

Before hopping on to buy the earphones, there are some important factors that you should not be avoiding as they are vital for the models to run longer and you get to buy the best in your budget.

The very first thing is the latest technology in the market. Prefer getting earphones with inbuilt AptX technology for smooth transmission of sound. As per design is considered it totally depends on an individual’s choice. You can opt for wireless earphones with a neckband or you can go for ear buds that are totally void of any wires.

Always go for latest version of Bluetooth. Because if the version of your earphones and your devices do not match then there can be issues while connecting them or the connectivity can break quite frequently. The latest Bluetooth version is 5.x. The popular version in most of the devices is 4.x or above. So the latest version ensures that you have the best wireless Bluetooth earphones. Also keep a check on the connectivity range. Most of the brands offer 10 meters range of connectivity which is a decent option to go for.

You should know that Bluetooth earphones need charging. So always consider a model that offers longer battery life as you don’t want to end up charging your earphones every 3 to 4 hours.

Usually people who like to listen to music while running, swimming or exercising go for Best Bluetooth earphones

. So always check what the brand offers in terms of sweat proof and water proof. The IPX rating 4 or above is ideal purchase nowadays.

We tried to cover all the important point regarding perfect Bluetooth earphones. We hope this article was helpful for you to select your best pair of Bluetooth earphones online.

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