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Best Sales Funnel Tools Examples (Will Blow Your Mind)

by Devin Jones

Sales funnel is the path that a consumer follows to complete the purchasing of the product. To design an effective sales funnel, the steps of the sales funnel should be simple and clear.

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There are a lot of best sales funnel examples that are present in daily life. Some of them are listed here to help you know different facts about them.


It is a web marketing tool. It is the tool for creating the sales funnel. By using this tool people can develop the sales funnel for their product. By using this tool you can promote your product in a more efficient way.


It has four sales funnel steps. Landing page, pricing and plan selection, signup, and order form. A landing page describes the features and working of the tools. Then it offers the 14 days free trial to understand the tool. The more details about subscription are on Sarkis web design.

After that, if you want to continue, you have to make an account. Once the account is established, then you have to select the subscription plan. That is according to your need. When you get the subscription, then you have to pay a monthly bill.


It is the industry of movie streaming. Netflix changed the concept of watching the movie in the world. Nowadays, people don’t need to lend a movie or buy a DVD.

Netflix provides you subscription-based service. With Netflix people can watch unlimited movies by paying a small amount. It is one of the best sales funnels examples.


In Netflix, the sales funnel has four stages: leading page, choose your plan, signup, and order form. At the initial stage, you are given 3o days of a free trial.

After that, you have to select a subscription plan you want. Then you have to sign up and pay the monthly bill according to your subscription. It is the best and most successful sales funnel example.


Another best sales funnel example MailChimp. It is also a web marketing tool. This tool helps you to develop the landing pages of different services. It also helps you to automate your email campaigns.

This tool provides you simple exhibition and clean exploration. It also has four sales funnel stages. Home page, choose a plan, signup, and activate your account are the stages. The home page includes all the description of the tool.

It also includes the usage and application of the tool. The popularity of this tool due to the simplicity and ease of usage. It describes the sales funnel process in the best way.


This service helps you to promote your product. With the help of this tool, you can develop the marketing campaigns of your product. And send it to thousand of people.

It is one of the best sales funnel examples in the living world. It has two funnel stages. Home page and signup. It provides you one-click subscription.


It is also the best sales funnel example. This is the best service for people who want to track their websites. It is best for online business people. They can see the behavior of the people using this service.

This service provides the heat map of your website. That helps you to find the reason why people don’t on your website for a long time. It helps you to improve your website by finding weaknesses.

It has four stages of the sales funnel. Leading page, signup, choose a plan, and order form are the four stages. At the first stage, they give you the 30 days trial to understand the service.

After that, you have to sign up and choose the subscription plan. When the free trial end if you want to continue. Then you have to get the subscription and pay the monthly bills.

Wrapping It All Up!!!

Sales funnels are the best way for the promotion of your business. It helps you to create awareness in the consumer about your product. Some of the best sales funnel examples are explained in this article. It helps you to understand how sales funnel works.

I am sure you will love the contents of this amazing review regarding the best sales funnel examples. The good thing is that we have organized everything in such a way that any reader could easily find its way to the content that he or she desires to find out.

All the content in this whole review is well researched. This feature makes it authentic and useful for its users. We hope that after gaining all this information your doubt would be elevated from your mind.

But if there is still something that is bothering you then do ask us freely. We will analyze all your queries and provide simple solutions for your problems.

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