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Biometric Consent verification- A cornerstone in the evolution of KYC

by Naveen Agarwal
Biometric Consent verification

In the digital world, Biometric consent verification is very important to know the person you are dealing with to stay safe as a customer as well as a seller. It is a very effective and authentic way to find and differentiate the fraud and unauthentic users. It is a two-way method that includes Face recognition and consent verification which is a more detailed process than any other verification method.

Either you are dealing with customers online or you are dealing with online transactions, you need to have a good verification mechanism for your customers. There are a huge number of people who are active users of the internet. They do online transactions and they buy different products so it becomes very important to verify and know your customers to make sure they have safe transactions and avoid fraud transactions. Biometric consent verification is becoming important day by day to ensure a valid verification mechanism.

After the covid-19 pandemic, the world has moved towards digitization. People are now aware of the fact that it is important now to digitalize themselves. The world has seen a significant amount of rising in the world of e-commerce there are a lot of people who have moved their business online they know that the online presence of their business is very important. But with the rise of the e-commerce world, the problems like online frauds, false chargebacks, and online identity theft have also risen. Fraudsters are very active nowadays they try different tricks to steal identity and do fraudulent activities. That is why the need for biometric consent verification has also risen because in this world you should know the customers you deal with. If you want authentic users for your e-store it is very important to verify them. Most of the users use old verification methods like age verification, document verification but they are not as useful as biometric consent verification.

Biometric Consent Verification

This is an advanced biometric system and includes a biometric check and a consensual check.

It is a more configured form of the biometric system and includes biometric recognition and consent verification. The system captures biometric features through the use of face recognition technology along with the consent written by the user on a page or play card. The system extracts data through the OCR system with the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning and then enters the database to check whether the user is verified or not.

How it Works

It is a complicated style of biometric screening and includes biometric recognition and consent verification. The system captures biometric options through the utilization of biometric identification besides the consent written by the user on a page. The system extracts required information through the use of OCR and machine learning then enters the information to examine and verify the user. 

Consent can be given by a picture or video with the user holding a consent paper. this technique is safer than old and vulnerable verification systems because it includes each biometric verification and consent.

Use Cases

In the banking sector, they can use biometric screening to verify customers and to verify their transactions to avoid fraudsters and authenticate their customers. And this can ensure their customer’s safe transactions.

Sellers who have e-stores can use this to avoid fraudsters and unauthentic transactions and they can avoid false chargebacks.

Consent verification is also important when you are a big firm and dealing with a lot of money to know the customer or partner you are working with.


After the Covid-19 pandemic, the world is rapidly moving towards a digital world, People are taking their businesses online they know how important it is to make your online presence. But with all this Biometric consent verification is becoming a very important digital world, if you want to avoid fraudsters, online scams, and online identity thefts you have to embrace a modern way of verification which is biometric consent verification. If you want authentic users for your e-stores you need to verify them to do a smooth business.


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